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23 Mar A complete guide to Politecnico di Milano Merit and Financial Aid Scholarships

A complete guide to Politecnico di Milano Merit and Financial Aid Scholarships
Politecnico di Milano Scholarships and how to get them?
First of All, please explore the Files Section of Polimi-Pakistani Students group on Facebook. All the info is there only for you people. Here is the link you can search on Facebook too
1. Merit Based Scholarships
Every year Politecnico di Milano offers a number of merit
based scholarships to the most talented international
candidates admitted to a Master of Science programme.
Students obtaining a scholarship will have to pay only a
non-refundable administrative fee of about €200. Merit based scholarships are available for students applying to
the 1st or 2nd semester. No. of Platinum Scholarships on offer for all campuses in year
2017-2018 = 24
No. of Gold Scholarships on offer for all campuses in year
2017-2018= 70
No. of Silver Scholarships on offer for all campuses in year
2017-2018= 100
This link is very important check it out and read pdf files
given for each campus. These will be very helpful as they
have mentioned how the application for scholarship will
be evaluated.
How the applications for Scholarships will
be evaluated?
Following are the key points:
1. Academic Performance
2. CV
3. Recommendation Letter
4. Letter of Motivation
DSU Scholarships
This sum of money is issued in two instalments. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions and on the social conditions onsite, commuting and offsite students. For example, during academic year 2017/2018 student scholarships ranged from a minimum of 1,188.00€, for “onsite” students coming from the highest income band, to a maximum of 5,139.00€ for “away from home” students from the lowest income bracket.
Applications can be made by all students enrolled in a Laurea, in a Laurea Magistrale, in a single-cycle Study Programme and in a Doctoral Programme for Research and Specializing Course.

ATTENTION: students may apply even before registration or enrollment; however, the application presented will only be valid upon registration or enrollment within the terms set by the academic calendar.

Students must complete the form that can be downloaded from the Online Services at “Subsidies and Agreements Financial aid benefits application submission” within the deadline set by the call.
To complete the application, students must click the link “Close the application and print receipt”.

Once closed, the application can no longer be modified. At the end of the procedure, a summary sheet will be sent to the student’s university email address or to the address given by the student when registering.
For information about how to get admission in Politecnico di Milano watch this video:

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    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

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  • zatlan ibrahim
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hey thanks for the video and link in comments to group ! I got admission in polimi in master of Arch, was wondering about DSU (I already completed master here) so can I Start getting my papers ready to send to CAF ? couldn't find deadlines for this year ? can u help me about deadlines for this year , also , aside from the papers , do I need to apply online for DSU (cause I saw a "fill form dsu in my online portal) ! thank u my friend for ur answers

  • abdulmjeed karama
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    ok, I am from Yemen , war there , we living for free in someone house but he is not in Yemen , I am in Saudi as scholarship student So I am not even in Yemen , So can you give me an advice ?

  • Adnan Ahmed
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Bro i am admitted in politecnico di milano first semester 2019, can you info me about next steps including paying administrative fee and visa procedure etc

    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    people getting DSU scholarship ,Does need pay Tution fee of 3900 Euro?

  • amiseno maruta
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hi, thank you for the info in this video.
    Is the opening date of DSU scholarship every year always in july? I want to apply for A.Y 2019/2020. Thank you

  • Pavan Kumar
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    pl help out, that how to apply admission for masters.

  • Rajatsubhra Chakraborty
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    What are the job opportunities after completing ms in cs from polimi for non- eu students?

  • Exploring Universe
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Wow crossed 2500 views, thank you very much for the love and support guys. It really means a lot.

  • Entertainment Hub
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    hi, i am in 7th semester of electrical engineering from Pakistan. i want to pursue masters from polytechnic milan. my question is how would i be considered for merit based scholarship if i only apply for admission. do they consider you for the scholarship automatically or you have to apply for it separately like DSU?

  • Umair Khalid
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    For DSU scholarship procedure, we have to estimate our own income and attested from notaary public and mailed them. But what kind of document it would be? just a ownership papers of building?
    Kindly clear this confusion. Thanks

  • v kiran
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Is there any effect if I have gap of 3 years after my UG ?

  • Eliana Acevedo
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hello, you know if even winning the DSU scholarship a person would have to pay the costs of enrolling (tuition fees) separately. Thank you.

  • Prudhvi Mulagacherla
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hello bro! I'm applying for 2018-19 dsu. What would be the acceptance rate of dsu?

  • pentakota manoj
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Bro I am applying for polimi Milan in January can I get dsu scholarship there any possibilites to get it in 2 time

  • Shashank Yadav
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hey buddy, really a very helpful video.

    I want to known, I got Silver scholarship for F.Y 17-18 second semester, Is it a wise decision to bear accomodation and fooding cost of my own I mean cost of living is okish or very costly or should I apply next, wid DSU Benefits too.

    I would really appreciate ur suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    hey bro..
    IS it possible for second cycle students also to get DSU scholarship?
    If yes what are the requirements , and one main thing does the semester results were declared before the DSU deadline in Aug?

  • Muhammad Jawad
    Posted at 11:58h, 23 March

    Hey Broo…Can anyone can study in Gradution Course after FSc. from Pakistan…?