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Goggle Vision: using electronic resources

Are search engines giving you a headache? The University of Liverpool has a great collection of e-resources. This film from 1925 was eerily accurate in its description of life in the future. Visuals by Clare Dooley, Peter Robinson and Jeff Woods. ...

A Dream of Education – WGU Scholarship Contest

- Please rate this video, it will count as a vote towards the scholarship! Do you or someone you know deserve a scholarship to Western Governors University? Earning a college degree can be a life changing experience. In many cases, a little help financially can go...

Critical thinking and online learning

More at In his action research enquiry carried out for the award of M.Sc Education and Training Management at DCU, Donal O'Mahony engages asks, researches and answers the question: "How can I use Moodle, a collaborative online learning environment, to improve my practice as a...

Energy Transition for University of North Carolina

[ad_1] "Chancellor Holden Thorp today (May 4) announced that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will end its use of coal in the next decade.""Universities must lead the transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy," Thorp said. "Today, Carolina takes another big step...

Singapore – Nanyang Technological University ASEAN Graduate Scholarship

Please check for more scholarships info :) 1. Undergraduate Scholarships for ASEAN Students, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 2. Nanyang Fellows MBA Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 3. Clarendon Fund Scholarships, University of Oxford, UK 4. Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management Scholarships,...

A Student Guide to University Assessment 01 Introduction

In Europe, young men proceeded to university when they had completed their study of the trivium–the preparatory arts of grammar, rhetoric and dialectic or logic–and the quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. (See Degrees of the University of Oxford for the history of how the...

Summer Student Research Program in Dentistry

Every summer a select group of Schulich Dentistry students are given the opportunity to become fully immersed in Dentistry research. As part of the Student Summer Research Program, these future dentists work with faculty supervisors in our state-of-the-art labs and clinics to help answer...

2012 RANZCO Congress Scholarship Recipient: Claude Posala

In 2012, RANZCO scholarships were made available to ophthalmologists and trainees from the Asia Pacific region to attend the RANZCO Annual Scientific Congress. The Congress International Scholarship Program is intended to contribute to the development of high quality ophthalmic education and professional standards for...

Best Vet Schools – Spotlight on Penn Vet at University of Pennsylvania

Best Vet Schools - Spotlight on Penn Vet at University of Pennsylvania. Triad Strategies Video spotlighting the importance of The School of Veterinarian Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania. With only 28 veterinary schools in North America, the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine...

University: A Course in Personal Finance

[ad_1] Recent findings from the Educational Policy Institute indicated that the UK is the third most expensive place in the world to go to university. Combine this with figures from the Prudential, showing that a third of university students have considered abandoning their studies due...

The Trinity MBA – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Trinity MBA Admissions Manager Eoghan O'Sullivan answers some of the more common questions posed by prospective students about the Trinity MBA. MBA Website: GMAT Mini Quiz: Scholarship Application Form: Subscribe on YouTube: Follow on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: ...


WVU President Gordon Gee and a panel of experts answered questions about college. If you have additional questions, call us at 304-293-2121. LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more videos! FOLLOW WVU on social media! Instagram → Snapchat → Twitter...