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Why BU Summer High School Programs?

Spend your summer at one of the world's top teaching and research universities. Summer Term High School Programs challenge you intellectually while introducing you to college life. You also discover the bonds of a strong social community through fun activities on campus and around Boston—one...

Biomimetics Research – Aalto University School of Science

What is biomimetics? Biomimetics studies the structures and functions of biological systems, mimicking nature's designs and using them as models for designing and engineering new revolutionary materials. Biomimetics Research at Aalto University School of Science: http://physics.aalto.fi/groups/molmat Video by Aalto University Communications / Mikko Raskinen 2013. ...

Turtle Trackers | Inside the Research | Washington University

Stephen Blake believes that when you connect a kid with a turtle—or for that matter any wild creature—magic happens. A visiting scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, (who also works with UMSL the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the St. Louis Zoo, SUNY...

Gdańsk University of Technology – Modern Research and Development Centre

Gdańsk University of Technology's scientific potential makes it an influential research university. Interdisciplinary projects are often conducted in partnership with international consortia and business stakeholders. The film showing selected research aspects was prepared for the National Congress of Science conference, which took place at the...

Nuffield Research Placements at the University of Bradford

Could you change someone's life this summer ? Professor Daniel Neagu and Rob Norvill from the University of Bradford talk about the benefits of hosting Nuffield Research Placement students. Inspire the next generation Get help with a new or existing project Companies of all sizes can host Nuffield...

360⁰ Campus Tour | Wageningen University & Research

Take an exclusive look on the campus of Wageningen University & Research in this 360⁰ video. #OODWUR360 *YouTube supports the playback of spherical 360 degree videos on computers in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can also watch 360 videos with the YouTube apps...