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World Conference on Online Learning 2019

The ICDE World Conference on Online Learning is being hosted by Dublin City University (DCU), 3-7 November, 2019. Dublin City University (DCU) is delighted to host this year’s ICDE World Conference on Online Learning. The Conference takes place at the award winning Convention Centre...

Secrets of the Dead – China's Terracotta Warriors (1080p)

The life-sized terracotta warriors of China are known throughout the world. This clay army of 8,000 including infantry, archers, generals and cavalry was discovered by archaeologists in 1974 after farmers digging a well near the Chinese city of Xian unearthed pieces of clay sculpted in...

Existentialism: Crash Course Philosophy #16

Now that we’ve left behind the philosophy of religion, it’s time to start exploring what other ways might exist to find meaning in the world. Today we explore essentialism and its response: existentialism. We’ll also learn about Jean-Paul Sartre and his ideas about how to...

Health Informatics – Online short course

Get to grips with the growing volume of data relevant to our health and healthcare - and how we can use it to improve health and wellbeing, with our online short course in Health Informatics. Learn from leading health researchers ranked top in Scotland for research,...

MIT & the Legacy of Slavery – Community Dialogue

At an event on Feb 16, 2018, 250 members of the MIT community gathered to explore the initial findings from the “MIT and Slavery” class, first taught in the Fall of 2017. News story about the event: http://bit.ly/2CEnF09 MIT President L. Rafael Reif, who catalyzed the...

Gain-of-Function Research: Ethical Analysis – Monash University

Gain-of-function (GOF) research involves experimentation that aims to increase the transmissibility and/or virulence of pathogens. The ultimate objective of such research is to better inform public health and preparedness efforts and/or development of medical countermeasures. Despite these important potential benefits, GOF research (GOFR) can...

UEA Research: Addressing Global Challenges at the University of East Anglia 2019

Staff and students from UEA’s School of Biological Sciences discuss how their research is helping to address the major challenges facing society, from finding new antibiotics to predicting the effects of climate change. www.uea.ac.uk/biological-sciences Like, comment, share and subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/user/ueaofficial Follow UEA at: https://www.uea.ac.uk https://www.facebook.com/ueaofficial https://www.twitter.com/uniofeastanglia https://www.instagram.com/uniofeastan...

Oxford Brookes University – Online Courses

A short video highlighting the approach and benefits of taking an online development course with The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) who are one of the UK's largest and most established providers of staff and educational development for further and higher education...

CSUN Commencement 2015: Engineering, Science & Math, Humanities

Description: College of Engineering and Computer Science College of Science and Mathematics College of Humanities Undergraduates California State University, Northridge - Oviatt Library Lawn May 18, 2015 Crew: Video production by CSUN Information Technology Event produced by CSUN Student Affairs ©2015 California State University, Northridge. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Ir5W/ ...

The Social Science Research Commons at Indiana University Bloomington.

From personal consulting to data analysis tools, the Social Science Research Commons is designed as a one-stop-shop for collaborative social science research on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Social Science Research Commons https://ssrc.indiana.edu/ The Social Science Research Commons (SSRC) is the culmination of five years of planning to...