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Yissum – Hebrew University A Research Powerhouse

Israel is a global leader in scientific and technological innovation, due in large part to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's pioneering spirit of inquiry. Both basic and applied research is vigorously pursued, and almost 30 percent of university research finds commercial application in the high-tech...

Can online learning replace traditional universities?

Ever rising cost of education and limited number of seats in institutes of higher education are just a few of the many problems that afflict the education system and are a big hindrance in government's goal to offer education to millions of India's young. Could...

Modul University Research Series – Degrowth and Technology

Consciously downscaling our levels of consumption of materials and energy for a better world for ourselves and future generations - Christian Kerschner, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sustainability, Governance and Methods, explains degrowth and technology in our new video series highlighting the research of...

RESEARCH: Research Catalogue – University of Toronto

Connect with your future. Use the Research Catalogue to access workshops and find opportunities related to your area of study. There are many ways to learn about and gain research experience, so choose one that works for you! Visit https://cln.utoronto.ca/ for more info. Follow U of T Student...

Sir Salvador Moncada on cancer research at The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s approach to cancer research spans the full spectrum of combating the disease. Hear from Professor Sir Salvador Moncada, Research Domain Director for Cancer, on the global cancer challenges we’re tackling, the solutions we’re delivering and why Manchester is leading the world...

University of Dar es Salaam Research Week 2018

Welcome to the University of Dar es Salaam Research Week from May 30 to June 1, 2018 at Nkrumah Hall. All units of the university will participate to showcase research and innovations which took place between 2017-2018. The event is open to the public -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please...

Honey bee research at Montana State University

Learn about the lives and jobs of honey bees and what researchers at Montana State University are doing to study the diseases that affect bees. For more information about plant science and pathology at Montana State University visit http://plantsciences.montana.edu/. ...

UW Certificate in Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Students from the University of Washington Certificate in Health Economics & Outcomes Research discuss how the program has helped them address unique challenges in their various fields and countries, and they also share about their experience with distance learning in this program. Visit UW Professional...

Indiana University Changing Lives through Research: Concussions

Indiana University athletes, researchers, doctors and trainers are working together to protect against the risk of concussion as part of the CARE Consortium, the world's largest investigation into the condition. A $30 million effort funded by the NCAA and U.S. Department of Defense, the project...