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Thomas Piketty and inequality research at the University of Groningen

Leading economist Thomas Piketty gave a guest lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Business on 23 May, 15.15 – 17.30. The topic was ‘Rising Inequality and Globalisation’. The lecture was live streamed and can be watched again on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvltfEJTFkA ...

Biomedical Engineering and concussion research at Brown University

Biomedical Engineering and concussion research at Brown University featuring Trey Crisco, Henry Frederick Lippitt Professor of Orthopaedic Research and Director Bioengineering Lab, Dept. of Orthopaedics, and Christian Franck, Assistant Professor of Engineering (video courtesy of Brown Bears TV) ...

Purdue University advancing tick research to protect human health

Ticks pass on a mind-boggling array of parasites and pathogens. Working to dismantle ticks' impacts on human health is Purdue medical entomologist Cate Hill. Dr. Hill led a global effort to sequence the first tick genome, advancing tick research and giving scientists better tools to...

Process: Visualising DNA Research – University of Leicester

A new exhibition will showcase a unique art and science project by artists in residence at our Department of Genetics and Genome Biology. Gillian McFarland and Ruth Singer have been artists in residence in the University’s Department of Genetics and Genome Biology throughout 2017, enjoying privileged...

Research + Innovation | Curtin University

Innovation is in our core, and so is collaboration. This is as true for our research as it is for our teaching. So come explore what we have to offer, today. Explore more! http://research.curtin.edu.au/ Or connect with us here: http://www.facebook.com/curtinuniversity http://twitter.com/curtinuni http://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=10223 http://www.instagram.com/curtinuniversity ...

Jena University – Show Your Research – Graphs are everywhere

M. Ali Rostami Most of real-world problems can be reduced to some mathematical function. Initially, these functions can not be computed in a reasonable time or space. For example, it can take years to be computed. Our field of study tries to use different mathematical theories...

UMass Lowell – A Trusted Leader in Online Education

Continue your education with UMass Lowell, online or on campus, and earn your degree from a top-ranked research university. Whether you are looking to start an associate's degree, complete a bachelor's degree, or earn a master's degree, UMass Lowell offers a wide variety of online...

The American Research University: The Decades Ahead

John Sexton, immediate past president of New York University and current Kluge Chair in American Law in Governance, offers his perspective on the future of American higher education. The university has been one of American society's most durable institutions for more than a century --...

Longevity Research in Keio University

Keio University - APRU Population Ageing Hub Longevity Initiative High-Level Policy Discussion Meeting (14 April 2018) "Longevity Resarch in Keio University" Presentation (4/4) by Hideyuki Okano - Dean, Keio University Graduate School of Medicine http://www.kgri.keio.ac.jp/en/news-event/043782.html ...

The 77th CPA Australia-University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture

Leading Indicators of Organizational Outcomes Professor Shane Dikolli delivered the 77th CPA Australia - University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture. Shane explored how recent innovations in accounting research such as executive compensation, audit fees, and corporate culture, have yielded several data sources and methods for generating leading...

Research at University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science

Introduction to the research conducted at the Institute of Computer Science at University of Tartu: http://www.cs.ut.ee UT ICS has six chairs: - Data Science - Programming Languages and Systems - Security and Theoretical Computer Science - Software Engineering and Information Systems - Distributed Systems - Natural Language Processing More info: https://www.cs.ut.ee/en/research/research-groups Authors: Ludvig...

Undergraduate Research at Duke University Marine Lab

Duke undergraduates like Clara Bird are able to participate in research and publishing opportunities while attending classes at the Duke Marine Lab campus on North Carolina's coast. Courtesy: Samantha McLendon for St. John's video footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtVlFBGtaaQ Duke University: https://www.duke.edu Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment: http://nicholas.duke.edu ...