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University of Tartu – Research with us

Ranked in the top 1.2% of the best universities in the world, the University of Tartu is a prestigious public research university located in Tartu, Estonia. Follow us on social media: http://www.facebook.com/tartuuniversity http://www.twitter.com/unitartu http://www.instagram.com/unitartu #unitartu More information about the university: http://www.ut.ee/en The video was co-funded by European Regional Development Fund...

Research that's WARRIOR STRONG – Wayne State University

Wayne State University's annual research expenditures total more than $221 million. As a result, we're changing our community and the world. And we lead by gaining strength with every achievement. But, being strong isn't strong enough. You need to be Warrior Strong. http://wayne.edu ...

Animal Research at Queen Mary University of London

In this video, we hear from key people involved in animal research at QMUL. They discuss the role of animal research in progressing medical science, how animals are cared for within the laboratories, projects that are looking into reducing the numbers of animals used, and...

Ep02 – Research on Online Learning: Interpreting the Findings

Online teaching and learning research has evolved over the past couple of decades. Join Tom and Kelvin for this episode’s discussion of the findings emerging from the on-going inquiry into online teaching and learning practice. Shownotes: https://cdl.ucf.edu/topcast-s01e02/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/topcastnow Subscribe to Podcast: https://topcast.online.ucf.edu ...

Cambridge University research and the East of England

Cambridge University is a global institution that is firmly and proudly planted in the East of England. Working with local partners, researchers are helping to enhance agriculture, tackle inequality, understand coastal erosion, ensure healthy ageing, and much more. “Our roots in the region run deep. The...

Interview- Kamal Bijlani, Director, E-Learning Research Lab, Amrita University, Kollam

14th WES 2019, New Delhi: Interview- Kamal Bijlani, Director, E-Learning Research Lab, Amrita University, Kollam Click here for Upcoming Events: https://bit.ly/2Tvobqz Like us on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/digitallearningonline/ Follow us on: Twitter - https://twitter.com/dl_magazine Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/digital_learning_elets/ Connect with us on: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/digitallearningmag/ Official Website: http://digitallearning.eletsonline.com/ ...

Summer of Research: Saving the Earth from Asteroids

This video is part of a series on summer research opportunities for undergraduates at the University of Rochester, both for our own students, and for students from other research universities. It's a common plot line for disaster movies. An asteroid is speeding toward Earth, spelling certain...