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Child feeding research at Loughborough University

Drs Emma Haycraft and Gemma Witcomb are psychologists in Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, with specific interest in eating and feeding behaviours in infants and children. Here they describe two practical applications of their research: the Child Feeding Guide http://www.childfeedingguide.co.uk/ and...

MicroNano Research Facility | RMIT University

The MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) is RMIT’s largest single investment in support of research. The $30 million facility gives researchers access to the world’s first rapid 3D nanoscale printer and will support research projects that span across the traditional disciplines of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and...

Functional Materials Research (Engineering) at the University of Exeter

This video focuses on the Engineering side of Functional Materials Research at the University of Exeter: Functional materials research focuses on the design and fabrication of novel materials, the understanding, via modelling and experimental characterisation, of their physical properties and their exploitation for a range of...

Research @ Tohoku University

Tohoku University has been consistently ranked among Japan's leading academic institutions since its establishment in 1907. It is also home to leading, groundbreaking research - most notably in materials science, physics and chemistry - and actively encourages academic-industry-government cooperation. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the...

Summer Scholars: Science & Engineering Research

Discovery Learning is at the core of the University of Delaware experience. With 1,000+ faculty engaging students in undergraduate research each year, the opportunities to learn through discovery are endless. Summer Scholars receive a stipend of $3,000 to work with faculty on projects...

Online Master: Food Technology | Wageningen University & Research

The new online Master Food Technology at Wageningen University & Research allows you to combine study and a career. Study online and part-time with this online Master that focuses on the core of food technology: ingredient functionality, sustainable food process engineering and product design. ...

University of Southampton – The NOCS Research Aquarium

Ocean and Earth Science students and researchers have access to a multi-use aquarium at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, which includes a variety of tanks and facilities for keeping and handling live specimens. The aquarium has a shallow open tank that simulates a rock pool environment,...