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Research in The Field of Education with Professor Sam Smith

Sean Smith, professor in the Special Education department, provides insight into the research involved with online education at KU. Interested in online courses from the KU School of Education? Visit The University of Kansas https://onlinedegrees.kent.edu/college-of-public-health/public-health/home [transcript] My name is Sean Smith. I'm a professor...

Dr. Vanessa Dennen Color Research in a Minute | FSU College of Education

You can learn more about Dr. Dennen's research here https://education.fsu.edu/vanessa-dennen Dr. Vanessa Dennen is a Professor of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies in the Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems. She joined the faculty at FSU in 2003. Vanessa’s research investigates the cognitive, motivational, and social...

Research Master in Psychology @ Leiden University

The MSc in Psychology (research) is a two-year programme that is focused on acquiring research skills in a particular field of psychology. This programme provides students with a rigorous training in the methodological and practical skills necessary to carry out scientific research on human behaviour. ...

Determinants of E-learning in Universities – Evidence from a Developing Country

Paper accepted and presented for HICSS 2016 - Presentation by Eric Ansong, University of Ghana Business School Studies looking at e-learning adoption from a multi-dimensional perspective have remained below expectation especially in developing countries. This study explores the technological, organizational and environmental (TOE) determinants of e-learning...

Summer School – Concepts and Methods for Research on Far-Right Politics – 25 June 2018

https://www.sns.it/eventi/summer-school ECPR Standing Group on EXTREMISM & DEMOCRACY Keynotes 25 June 2018, 9:30-11:30 ‘The Study of the European Far Right: Towards a Fourth Wave? CAS MUDDE, University of Georgia Keynotes will be held in the conference hall “L’Altana” and are open to all Lecturers MATTEO ALBANESE, University of Lisbon KATHLEEN BLEE, University of Pittsburgh GIORGIA BULLI,...