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Bachelor Degree in Law Programs

[ad_1] A bachelor degree in law is an undergraduate degree that one is given once they have finished studying law in a university or an institution that offers the course. In the past, students had to study both civil and common law. In the present day,...

Closing the "How-To" Gap in Education

[ad_1] Our educational system is a mass of contradiction. It is peopled by smart, dedicated professionals at every level. It has access to jaw-dropping technology and is supported by massive amounts of money from local, state and federal agencies. It has every reason to be the...

360° view of 179th Marshall University Undergraduate Ceremony

More live coverage at http://www.marshall.edu/it/livestream Menis E. Ketchum II, the West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice, will be the guest speaker during the morning ceremony. Ketchum is a native of Wayne County, having graduated from Vinson High School in 1960, then from Ohio University and next from...

Online Career Training in Human Resources

[ad_1] Almost everyone has worked in a job where they had to deal with bad working conditions, everyone complains, and the turnover rate for employees is high. A growing field is becoming highly dedicated to facing these problems head on and making the working environment a...

[Q&A] Harvard College vs. Harvard Graduate School (w/ Beth Young)

Hi everyone! Today, I’m speaking with a collab video with Beth Young, a current senior at Harvard College! We recorded the first 3 questions over on Beth’s channel, (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwSvl4gU5UzIVS7VQeAUoA) and here on my channel, we’re answering the last 3 questions! Questions answered on this channel:...

The Role of Collaboration in Organizations

[ad_1] Collaboration 'More than 97 percent of senior leaders believed collaboration is essential to success. However, only 30 percent of respondents and 47 percent of senior leaders believed leaders in their organization are actually skilled in collaboration. Results indicate leaders must learn to work across...

Ball State University student athlete in placement office, circa 1984-1991

Silent film.; Footage of a student athlete and other students at Ball State University using resources in the placement office/career center. The Ball State University Historic Films and Videos collection provides online access to digitized videos and films that document significant developments and events, noteworthy scholarship,...

How to Become an Administrative Assistant

[ad_1] According to the 2010-11 edition of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, administrative assistance ranks among occupations with the largest number of job openings in the country.This should be music to the ears of individuals looking for stable and lucrative careers in this...

Graduate Studies at Seton Hall

Discover what great minds can do. Seton Hall offers more than 120 graduate programs to help you move your career forward. More info: http://www.shu.edu/graduate-affairs/ ...

Graduate Student Loan

[ad_1] Graduation has become a basic qualification that everyone should possess but the cost of graduate school is pretty high. The only way you can wade through this is via graduate student loans. The money you obtain via scholarships is only a part of the solution....

Obtaining a Human Resources Education and Career

[ad_1] Having options when looking to gain the education needed for a career can help you to choose the school or college that's right for you. Accredited educational training programs offer numerous options when obtaining a human resources education and career. You can choose to attend...

Understanding How a Distance Education Program Works

[ad_1] Students had to attend classes at a university to get credit once upon a time. If you had a time conflict, or the university was far away, you missed out. Now distance education has changed all of this. Distance education is also sometimes called distance...