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Statistics on Adults Returning to College

[ad_1] Due to the economy these days, and the huge number of newly graduated youngsters, the job market is a fierce competitive monster to be reckoned with. Many older, more experienced, adults are using a return to school to add extra armor to their resume in...

Business Colleges Can Help You Expand Your Skills

[ad_1] Learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout your entire life. Or it does if you want to be moving forward. Adult education can be an excellent option for those who have been out of school for many years and wish to expand on their...

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

The Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine has released a new introductory video. The video includes a history of the school and its philosophy. ■Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University http://www.med.osaka-u.ac.jp/eng/ ...

How to Choose A College Based on Cost Factors

[ad_1] When students apply to schools, they need to determine which universities suit their academic interests best and what environments will make them happy. Discovering which schools offer programs which will help them earn an education to further their careers helps students to narrow down the...

Career Resources at Rutgers University Libraries

Business and entrepreneurship librarian Jordan Nielsen discusses the Libraries’ resources for jumpstarting your career as well as a unique partnership with University Career Services that will bring workshops, resume critiques, and more to the James Dickson Carr Library throughout the spring semester. For more information, visit:...

A Global University Project

[ad_1] It's true. University and college students do have the "ideal" life. We share rooms with our friends, and have our own little, segmented communities. We are learning the secrets of the universe, developing our minds into powerful tools that can do anything we want. We...

Support of School Grants

[ad_1] School grants, as the name suggests, are given for education and need not be paid back. It is a wonderful source of income for the education sector. The primary intention of a grant is to provide money for school education. They are primarily used to...

Recommendation Letters Demystified

[ad_1] There is a lot of confusion about recommendation letters.Recommendation letters are often referred to in a number of different ways including: letters of recommendation, reference letters, letters of reference, commendation letters, and sometimes even, performance evaluation letters.This terminology can be quite confusing, especially when these...

Choosing the Right Nursing College

[ad_1] The medical field is always on the rise and one particular profession that continues to grow is nursing. This profession continues to grow over the years and the healthcare field in general is always on the rise. There are several colleges that are offering nursing...

Reasons to Study in USA

[ad_1] Aside from UK, USA is one of the preferred choices for higher education amongst students worldwide. Here are some reasons to study in USA.USA has the most higher learning institutions in the world, and a large number of them are world-class learning institutions. Some of...

Welcome to the IAE Pau-Bayonne / Graduate School of Management

IAE FRANCE is a network of over thirty Schools of Management located within French Universities. All IAE Schools of Management offer a range of courses covering all fields of Management, some of them taught in English, and deliver Bachelor’s Master’s and PhD degrees accredited by...

Government Selling Us As Bonds

[ad_1] Recently I have been asked the same question, over and over again. What did you do? Why were you imprisoned? Why did you get prison time? Trust me, I have asked myself those same questions and up until now, I have not been able to...

Understanding the Concept of State Universities Degree Program

[ad_1] Let us go by the literal meaning, before we move on with the discussion. In United States, a state university is nothing but a group of public universities supported by a State. Degree programs are career enhancing, professional bachelors, masters and doctors programs etc offered by...

Linköping University, Sweden: International students from China

Come to Linköping University, Sweden, for education or research and we promise that you'll leave with a competitive edge! This film presents Linköping University from the perspective of international students from China and elsewhere, studying Master's courses. Meet students, teachers, researchers and alumni, and...

Help Students Grow With These 3 Supportive Teaching Strategies

[ad_1] As an instructor, are you aware of how your students are performing at all times? Do you maintain a proactive or reactive approach to instruction? Do you have supportive teaching strategies which are meant to help students grow? It is possible you have developed a...