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Information About Joining the Pakistan Navy After Matric

[ad_1] Over the recent years, the number of candidates interested in joining Pakistan Navy. Unfortunately, many people do not know the procedure of joining the Navy. One thing about the navy is that the officers sacrifice their lives for the nation and their families. You can...

Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus at The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama Libraries provides on- or off-campus access to our electronic subscriptions and collections to students, faculty, and other members of the University community. This quick video covers how and where to log in for access to the search tools and databases available...

The Rise of Free Online College Courses

[ad_1] To say that attending college is an expensive process is an understatement. As at 2012, total student debt in America is believed to have exceeded $1 trillion. In 2011, the New York Times reported that average student debt was approximately $26,500 and online college courses...

Steel Plate Rolling for Engineering Students @ Liverpool University

This short video shows how an interactive plate rolling simulation, freely available at www.steeluniversity.org, was used with 2nd year Engineering undergraduates at the University of Liverpool. The students, working in groups, had to compete to supply plates for an offshore wind turbine tower at the...

Peer Learning Groups and the Adult Learner

[ad_1] Discovering how adults learn is more than just an academic obsession of researchers and university professors. Instead, it is an important endeavor in today's environment when learning is essential for organizations to remain competitive and forward-thinking.Sir Malcolm Knowles, the "father" of adult learning, suggested 4...

Online Nursing Schools 101

[ad_1] Due to the fact that so many people today are living longer health care costs are increasing. Insurance companies are adjusting these longer policies to make up for increasing client costs. The increase of services to older policy members creates need for much more health...

A Global University Project

[ad_1] It's true. University and college students do have the "ideal" life. We share rooms with our friends, and have our own little, segmented communities. We are learning the secrets of the universe, developing our minds into powerful tools that can do anything we want. We...

First-year Students Move In at Clarkson University

Ah, the sights and sounds of first-year student move-in day! It's pretty easy to move all of your personal belongs when you have your own moving company. Clarkson University is a community so that means everyone pitches in whenever they can to help out from...

The Purpose And Benefits Of School Entrance Examinations

[ad_1] Acquiring for a formal education has become an integral part of our existence long before the establishment of colleges and universities. Based on archaelogical findings, evidence of early forms of schooling were seen among artifacts such as clay tablets with carved symbols, carvings on cave...

Administrative Jobs

[ad_1] Let's face it - the job market nowadays is virtually non-existent. The unemployment rate increases every single day. You almost need to know someone who knows someone in order to even land a job interview. It seems that the only jobs available are in specialized...

Universities of Astrophysics

[ad_1] Astrophysics is one of the most important and demanding subject these days. If you are interested in this science, there are many colleges and universities which are providing education in astrophysics around the world. Many students are taking admissions each year in some or the...

How to Find Free Academic Scholarships Online

[ad_1] Finding free academic scholarships is pretty easy to be honest. Do a quick search on the internet for scholarships and you are bound to find one. There are many scholarships available everywhere, on the internet as well as at local colleges. Most colleges will offer...