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Getting Organized For Success

[ad_1] I recently volunteered to lead an informal discussion group on a favourite topic of mine: "Getting Organized For Success". The purpose of the group was to share ideas and pick up some new ones. The participants were small business owners from a...

2012 Commencement Ceremony — Highlights — Graduate School

A record number of graduates walked across the stage of the TD Arena today as the Graduate School of the College of Charleston held the spring commencement ceremony. Commencement speaker Richard Wilkerson told the Class of 2012 that one of the most important things they can...

Globalization: An Opportunity for Higher Education?

[ad_1] Globalization is a hot topic in the media and in business these days. The Levin Institute at the State University of New York defines globalization as "a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by...

University of Minnesota Crookston Natural Resources Students Duck Banding

Students in Professor John Loegering's class, NatR 3654 wildlife ecology and management, and the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society participated in a service project banding ducks. This is an annual project that provides an exciting experiential learning opportunity will helping the Minnesota Department of...

How to Find a UK Uni – The 7 Most Popular Questions

[ad_1] Whenever we provide information and help to students looking for a uni in the UK we are often met with the same questions coming back to us, so we thought why not write a blog providing students with honest and accurate information about finding unis....

High School Grads Get Free Money For School

[ad_1] Graduating from high school is bittersweet. You are happy to move on to bigger and better things, but it's sad to day goodbye to the friends you've grown so close to over the years. It can also be a difficult adjustment for many recent grads...

TOP 5 Phrases Korean University Students Frequently Use!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to MinjiteachKorean channel. I use these phrases almost everyday when I take my classes. And also I found out my friends also do like that. These phrases are spoken hundreds of times!! That’s why I decided to make this video. These expressions are...

Best Online Teaching Degree Programs

[ad_1] By doing an online teaching degree programs, you are able to jump start your teaching career in a very advanced and unique ways compared to other programs.You are able to even pursue a paraprofessional education which is a form of aid work where by you...

First Year Academic Experience: High Impact Practices

2019, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Trent University. This video is part of a set of modules under the First Year Academic Experience project, which can be found here: https://www.trentu.ca/teaching/research-pedagogy/first-year-academic-experience ...

Statistics on Adults Returning to College

[ad_1] Due to the economy these days, and the huge number of newly graduated youngsters, the job market is a fierce competitive monster to be reckoned with. Many older, more experienced, adults are using a return to school to add extra armor to their resume in...

Business Colleges Can Help You Expand Your Skills

[ad_1] Learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout your entire life. Or it does if you want to be moving forward. Adult education can be an excellent option for those who have been out of school for many years and wish to expand on their...

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

The Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine has released a new introductory video. The video includes a history of the school and its philosophy. ■Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University http://www.med.osaka-u.ac.jp/eng/ ...