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Graduate Studies at Seton Hall

Discover what great minds can do. Seton Hall offers more than 120 graduate programs to help you move your career forward. More info: http://www.shu.edu/graduate-affairs/ ...

Graduate Student Loan

[ad_1] Graduation has become a basic qualification that everyone should possess but the cost of graduate school is pretty high. The only way you can wade through this is via graduate student loans. The money you obtain via scholarships is only a part of the solution....

Obtaining a Human Resources Education and Career

[ad_1] Having options when looking to gain the education needed for a career can help you to choose the school or college that's right for you. Accredited educational training programs offer numerous options when obtaining a human resources education and career. You can choose to attend...

Understanding How a Distance Education Program Works

[ad_1] Students had to attend classes at a university to get credit once upon a time. If you had a time conflict, or the university was far away, you missed out. Now distance education has changed all of this. Distance education is also sometimes called distance...

LSA Webinar: How to Be a Successful Grad School Applicant

Are you an undergraduate thinking of applying to a graduate program? A graduate student thinking of applying to a different school? Then this webinar is for you! Representatives from five major linguistics departments' admission committees, along with a recently successful applicant to a graduate degree...

Learn All About Administrative Assistant Jobs

[ad_1] Administrative assistant jobs fall within the largest number of job openings at any given time. These jobs include working in a physical office or telecommuting. Employers like to see that you have some basic training and knowledge of how to use office equipment. You will...

UBC Careers Online

[ad_1] UBC careers online is a service the school offers to help you find a job after graduating. That's the point of going to college right, to find yourself a good job. The University of British Columbia has approximately 50,000 students, they advertise that as a...

2011 IMA national student case competition winner – Elon University Students

The national case competition measures the ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate a solution to a management accounting problem. This year's case, "TransGlobal Airlines," required students to analyze the profitability of a previously government-owned airline in a small republic that now must compete...

Understanding Stress – The 3 Types of Stresses!

[ad_1] When people think of stress, they usually think of it as a bad thing, certainly not good thing, but stress can actually be beneficial. Stress is classified into three types: Eustress, Neustress and Distress. They differ on how they affect a person or individual. Let's...

Boosting Your Career Prospects by Studying in Canada

[ad_1] Canadian universities have a well-merited reputation for excellence, and earning your degree through one of the schools of this northern nation can make you considerably more attractive to potential employers in the future. To study in Canada is a boost to your credentials and a...

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

[ad_1] Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is a program that funds by the provincial government for one or two reason(s). The main reason behind it is to encourage excellence in graduate learning at the masters and doctoral degree. It is all about merit-based awards and sponsorships open...