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BBA in Media Management – Programme Overview

[ad_1] The three-year intensive programme in media management was started combining the main elements of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with the managerial challenges related to the media sector. This aspect needs to be focused specially because of its vitality to the creative economies. The...

Research Tips & Tricks – For Graduate Students

[ad_1] Ok, so when you signed up for graduate school you knew that you had to complete a research project or dissertation, but where are you supposed to start? For many graduate students the act of having to conduct research in a graduate setting is beyond...

5 Things You Will Learn In Human Resources Courses In London

[ad_1] With London being one of the best places in the world for professional ongoing study, thousands of people flock here each and every year to study human resources courses. Participants are not only nationally based professionals looking to update their skills, but international professionals too...

University students look abroad to study as tuition fees rise.

Imperial College London has become the first university in England to confirm it wants to charge the maximum level of tuition fees. It plans to charge students £9,000 for all subjects from 2012. With tuition fees on the rise, could students get a better deal overseas? From...

Tourism Courses & Colleges in India

[ad_1] The Tourism courses and colleges in India have gained immense popularity because of the great passion of people to travel and explore. The tourism industry is a huge one, and quite diverse in operations. It includes the Government tourism departments, Immigration services, travel agencies and...

Campus 2020: A new academic experience | ESSEC Campus 2020

Discover the first images of the ESSEC Business School's 2020 Campus project. Over the next two decades, its working methods, study modes and way-of-life are set to experience major change, in some cases even profound transformation. 50 years after its creation and true to its pioneering...

Three Advantages of Taking College Courses Online

[ad_1] You spend years and years doing the same job without moving a step forward towards a much better quality of job and life because you surely lack something. Same job, same boss, same place, no scope for success makes one depress. A better college degree...

Education System and Right Academic Course in India

[ad_1] Once you decide your career, it is the time to choose the right academic course for realising your dream. Unless you study the right course for your career, you will not be allowed to enter certain professions in India. For example, to become a doctor...

Colorado State University – Warner College of Natural Resources

As one of the most comprehensive programs in the country, the Warner College of Natural Resources will provide you with education in scientific investigation, management, and the conservation of land, wildlife, plant, mineral and water resources. Learn more at http://admissions.colostate.edu For more videos about CSU, check out...

How to Become an Epidemiologist

[ad_1] An epidemiologist is a profession of scientists who are involved in the medical field. They study contagious diseases and the control or prevention of such diseases. Typically, epidemiologists work in public and private institutions in which they can conduct their studies of all sorts of...

Online Graduate Degree Programs – 4 Things You Need to Know

[ad_1] Online Graduate degree programs that are treated at par with masters' degree programs have been gaining in on the popularity front steadily over the last few years. The prime two factors that distinguish these master's degree programs from other programs are their convenience and quality.These...

Document Management Solutions for Universities

[ad_1] It's the start of term for universities, and with the start of term comes a lot of paper work to be processed, sorted and filed. Many departments, including Human Resources (HR), Income Team and Accounts Payable (AP), will be overloaded with thousands of paper documents...