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Factual Films

[ad_1] Factual films have grown in popularity over the last few years. With our hunger for the truth about what really goes on in the minds and meeting rooms of the leaders and policy makers of the world has come a thirst for answers. Often controversially,...

Regis University Library – Resources for computer and information science

An introduction to the services and resources for computer and information science research at the Regis University. Includes a discussion of the literature review process associated with academic research and writing. PDF version of this tutorial can be accessed from the Regis Library web site: http://libguides.regis.edu/loader.php?type=d&id=703180 ...

Top Ten Online Universities – Showing the Way

[ad_1] As per the latest world rankings the top ten online universities of the world are The University of London, The University of Southern Queensland, The University of South Africa, The University of Maryland University College and etc. The University of Phoenix, Golden Gate University, The...

Depression and Suicide Among University Students

In this University of Kentucky video, learn about depression as Inez Okrent, mother of a college student who committed suicide, shares her stories while Russ Federman, director of counseling and psychological services at University of Kentucky, examines depression trends and his personal experiences as well....

Is Film School Worth It?

[ad_1] As someone who’s attended two of the top film schools in the world, NYU and USC, I often get asked a simple question:  Is it worth going to film school?  The answer actually can’t be answered in a yes/no fashion as it really depends on...

Private Vs Public Universities

[ad_1] When you are deciding which college to go to, you may have come across private colleges and public colleges. Many people didn't even know that there were private and public colleges, or what the difference between them is. We will look at the two different...

Seeking admission into international medical universities

[ad_1] Today you can see many people are interested in getting education from various International medical universities.  And the reason behind to people going to these medical colleges and schools is that the quality of education provided is extremely great.  It is very easy to...

Healthcare Administration Degree for Rewarding Healthcare Careers

[ad_1] A career in healthcare has long been associated with doctors and nurses in their crisp white uniforms delivering care to patients. But there is an entire workforce that functions tirelessly, away from the glaring lights, to support these primary care givers and ensure the smooth...

Qualities of a Top Undergraduate Student

[ad_1] Professors Prize Intellectual Curiosity There used to be a time when attending college after high school was not the given that it is today. The realities of the job marketplace have made a college diploma more or less a prerequisite for a wide range of...

Tips For Writing a University Petition Letter

[ad_1] In a university setting, writing a petition letter is a very common occurrence. This is because in the academic world there are many exemptions for students and professors, but in order to get this exemption, one has to write a letter of petition to the...

Technician Etiquette

[ad_1] Have you ever arrived at a job to make a repair, only to have the customer rant and rave for 15 minutes about the last technician or company that was there, and how they screwed the system all up? Who hasn't, right?So what do you...

How Does an Internship Benefit the Career Ahead?

[ad_1] How Does an Internship Benefit the Career Ahead? It might very difficult to gat yourself a job in this competitive market scenario especially if you do not have any previous working experience. Internship may be a good way that might help you to gat into...

Become A Bank Teller – Instructions

[ad_1] Instruction necessary for bank tellersThe bank teller conducts demanding duties. This is the reason why the teller training can be difficult and will involve sufficient focus. You require a twelfth grade diploma or General Educational Development (GED) test results before you apply to your position....

Medical Assistant Careers on the Rise

[ad_1] Medical assistants are one of the high growth jobs in the healthcare industry. If you are thinking about embarking on a new career, you might want to consider being a medical assistant. The health care field is growing on a daily basis, mainly to due...