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What Women Want: Women in Business

[ad_1] Women in business and the professions continue to change the face of the North American economy. Women are starting more businesses than men and are twice as likely to remain in business than their male counterparts. Career women are thriving and are making a positive...

SMU-in-Taos: A Unique Academic Experience

Discover SMU's beautiful 423-acre in Taos, NM. This mountain oasis provides the perfect complement to SMU’s main campus in Dallas, TX. Undergraduate courses are offered during the summer and winter breaks. These short terms allow students to get ahead or stay on track for graduation....

Teach Teamwork To Students

[ad_1] Why is it important to teach teamwork to students and how can it be done?With the increasing use of social networking, instant messaging and online communication students are becoming connected to more and more people. I do feel positive about the increase of this type...

Business Technology Career Training Schools

[ad_1] In business, the use of technology is becoming prominent. Working through a training program can teach students how to understand business technology. Several colleges offer career training to students by preparing them for the work needed within a business. Two main options are available to...

Online Law Degrees – An Easier Way to Get a Law Degree

[ad_1] Online law degrees are now made available by different universities and law schools. This is achieved through the use of information technology that provides versatility and outstanding course implementation. For individuals who want to build their career in the different fields of law then there...

Dumped Into Adulthood, What Now?

[ad_1] College Grads: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Unfortunately for many, the answer is a resounding "no." Hordes of college grads have not acquired any skills that will enable them to get a decent job. And if that weren't bad...

Linda Tropp – Intergroup Contact

Dr. Tropp’s research focuses on expectations and outcomes of intergroup contact, identification with social groups, interpretations of intergroup relationships, and responses to prejudice and disadvantage. She received the 2012 Distinguished Academic Outreach Award from the University of Massachusetts Amherst for excellence in the application of...

Millennium Education Development – Ways To Achieve

[ad_1] Dr. Tooley: His conclusions on Private Education and EntrepreneurshipProfessor James Tooley criticized the United Nations' proposals to eliminate all fees in state primary schools globally to meet its goal of universal education by 2015. Dr. Tooley says the UN, which is placing particular emphasis on...

Using LinkedIn — for College & University Students

www.LIDA360.com. Reputation management and personal branding specialist, Lida Citroen, shares her powerful and useful tips for college and university students building LinkedIn profiles. Listen as Lida shares personal branding and reputation management tips for designing a LinkedIn profile, summary and job experience, and how she...

Discover the Culture and Landmarks in Leuven

[ad_1] The capital province of Belgium, Leuven is known for its cultural and heritage sites as well as traditional landmarks. The university town attracts tourists through its vast historical cultures and thus acts as a destination spot for millions of nerds and tourists who show keen...

Exceptional Academic Experiences: ECA Conference 2018

This spring, a group of SU students were invited to speak on a panel at the ECA's 2018 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA about their experience planning the convention through the Design Agency course at Stevenson University. During the weekend of the panel, the students not...

IT Network Security – The New World’s Lock & Key

[ad_1] It's another Monday morning at the office, you've just turned on your computer and logged in - all of a sudden you start to notice that your "Home Page" is changed, your computer is very slow and finally the internet connection is extremely slow...

Secret Of Students Who Do Well At School

[ad_1] I have been teaching for over 30 years and in that time I have observed the attitude and behaviour of many students and their families. The one thing that has been obvious in helping a student achieve their best is parental involvement.Here is...

Online Education to Become a Teacher

[ad_1] You might want to consider acquiring an online degree if you are interested in becoming a teacher. The field of education is one that gives you plenty of opportunities to try out different roles. As a teacher, you can focus on early, middle, or secondary...