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Enriched Academic Experiences at Ohio State Newark

Academic experience is not limited to the classroom. Undergraduate students at Ohio State Newark are involved in research outside of their normal course work. Grants of up to $1,500 are available to full-time students and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. ...

Reactive Hypoglycemia – What It Is, How to Feel Better

[ad_1] Often people who have reactive hypoglycemia aren't even aware of it. They notice that "something" is wrong, but might not be able to get a diagnosis, if they go to a doctor about it at all. Hypoglycemia is difficult to prove, unless your blood sugar...

Exciting Teaching Tools of Tomorrow

[ad_1] School teachers always wanted to discover ways to connect with their students more effectively for a better learning experience. Thanks to such tools as ClassDojo, teachers can now easily have their students focused in class in no time (rather than spend precious minutes trying to...

Considering Graduate School?

Faculty in the arts, business, humanities, pre-health, pre-law, sciences and social sciences give their perspectives on types of graduate programs, good and bad reasons to go to graduate school, best time to attend graduate school and how to prepare and how to pick the right...

Hot Legs at Night

[ad_1] For those of you who have had problems getting to sleep due to having hot legs at night you may not even know the cause of it. The most basic and underlining cause of any heat emulating from the body is from inflammation. But what,...

Rising Professionals Need Financial Help Too

[ad_1] Life comes at you fast. The decisions you make between ages 25 and 35 will perhaps have the most significant impact on your success later in life - especially financially.Every day you make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. Most are small and insignificant. Others...

Rh Factor – Is Rh Good Or Bad?

[ad_1] Rh is short for 'Rhesus'.  Rhesus is a type of monkey that was used during the blood transfusion experiment where they discovered that there can be a problem when you get a blood transfusion.Getting Some Things StraightEvery human either does of does not have the...

Writing for U.S. Universities II. – Undergraduate Admission Essay

Pierce H. Robbins, U.S. Summer Intern in the Czech Fulbright Commission, is explaining basic principles of writing at U. S. colleges and universities. The second part deals with essays for undergraduate admission. Related PowerPoint presentation in PDF format can be downloaded from http://www.fulbright.cz/download/essay-writing-robbins.pdf. ...

Glucosamine Cream

[ad_1] Glucosamine plays a big role when it comes to healthy skin. Your blood needs adequate amounts of glucosamine so that it can properly produce hyaluronic acid, which is important in fact it's crucial when it comes to healing surgical incisions and skin injuries.In a recent...

Graduate Studies at Walsh University

Located in Northeast Ohio, Walsh University offers master's programs in Counseling, Education, Business, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Theology, as well as a clinical doctoral program in Physical Therapy. Hear what students have to say about their experiences at Walsh University. Learn more at walsh.edu. ...

Georgetown MBA Exposed

[ad_1] Georgetown MBA full-time program though slanted towards general management studies is suitable for arts, science, or technical undergraduate degrees. Georgetown also offers a 60-credit program you can handle without taking leave off your job since there are provisions for both online and evening programs.The program...

10 Benefits Of A Spelling and Grammar Checker

[ad_1] There are many reasons to invest in software that will correct your grammar and spelling. While some of these reasons may seem obvious, others may not be so apparent. Due to the increasing number of people who use incorrect grammar and spelling, employers, teachers and...

This is Bangor University – an introduction for international students

This is Bangor University. Founded in 1884, Bangor University is an historic institution that offers excellence in teaching and research, world-class facilities and a breathtaking location. For more information about studying at Bangor University, visit the website https://www.bangor.ac.uk International students can find out more at https://www.bangor.ac.uk/international ...