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Adobe Flash Player: A Risk To Privacy and Security

[ad_1] Adobe Flash Player: a greater risk to privacy and security than you may realizeDo you know that if you have Adobe's Flash Players plugin installed on your web browser that your internet activity and history is potentially being tracked and used without your knowledge or...

Email Newsletter Software

[ad_1] Should I create my newsletter in a word processor or email program? Which email program should I use?Those two questions came from a visitor to the Manager's Guide to Newsletters website. She planned to start an email newsletter that would go to parents of students...

Near Death Experiences – Part 2

[ad_1] The nature of death.Clinical death is occurs when the blood stops circulating and we stop breathing. At this point resuscitation is possible at this point.On the onset of 'clinical death' consciousness is lost within several seconds with 'measurable' brain activity stopping within 30 to 40...

University of Akron eTRAIN Teacher Resources Walkthrough

This video provides a brief explanation of the resources available for pre-service and in-service educators at the University of Akron's public eTRAIN site To assist us in improving these materials we would appreciate it if you would complete a brief survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RSLQ5VJ ...

Creating a Graduation Party Open House Photo Memory Board

[ad_1] Displaying a picture memory board is a good addition to your graduation open house and a great way to honor your graduate.Choose a display board like the kind required for science fair projects. Office supply stores sell several kinds of tri-fold display boards. You can...

How to Take a Girl’s Virginity – A Guide for Guys

[ad_1] It is not easy to take a girl's virginity. It is a very sensitive issue and a lot of guys can get embarrassed about. You want to take a girl's virginity in a way that makes her feel very comfortable. She is naturally nervous about...

Oxford students give advice to university applicants

This is a re-upload from the St. Peter's College YouTube channel, with a bunch of people from my college giving their advice on people starting the application process. If you want to see more videos like this then please go to my college's channel - www.youtube.com/SPCOxford...

How to Find Nursing School Scholarships

[ad_1] The cost of a quality nursing education, or any college education for that matter, is quite steep and, often, this fact leads many individuals to give up their dream of an education. However, there are many ways to pay your way through nursing school and...

5 Tasty Foods That Can Actually Lower Your Blood Sugar

[ad_1] With the rising epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the world, it is important to take steps to prevent these serious diseases. Here are some foods that can help to lower and control your blood sugar, if they are added to your diet:PicklesA recent Swedish...

Adversity Breeds Opportunity

[ad_1] You may have heard the saying, "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials." Regardless of what kind of setback and adversity you may have experience, there is always a potential opportunity for success behind it.When I was in primary school, I...