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英國格林威治大學(The College of Greenwich)成立于1980年,分校遍布倫敦及Kent等地區。而校內學生人數多達18,000人,共分為十五個院校。據最近The Situations Superior College Guide以學術質素及研究而排列,英國格林威治大學名列全英最著名的計算機學府第四十六名。而在香港現有的英國遙距計算機課程中,The College of Greenwich排名僅次于University of London,學校每年用于研究等資助更高達二千六百萬英磅。 授權課程包括電腦學士、工商管理、財務會計學士等。課程已于教統局非本地教育課程部注冊,並經由香港學術評審局評定與英國本土課程具相等程度。課程由香港著名IT培訓教育機構ABRS協辦。ABRS Expert Understanding Solutions 成立于1990,為香港一所著名的專業計算機教育中心,具備超過十年尖端專業教育經驗,並是微軟,太陽計算機等合作夥伴。...

INFORMUCATE University Guide – LAWRENCE University

http://www.informucate.com/fast-reality-films/finest-colleges Informucate university guides give you the fast information on hundreds of the finest colleges in the United States and overseas. Click on below to locate the right faculty for you: http://www.informucate.com/fast-reality-films/finest-colleges Never see your faculty? Identified a mistake? Send us a message on Facebook or...

INFORMUCATE Faculty Tutorial – University OF VERMONT

http://www.informucate.com/rapid-point-video clips/finest-colleges Informucate school guides give you the rapid details on hundreds of the finest colleges in the United States and overseas. Click on in this article to find the correct college for you: http://www.informucate.com/rapid-point-video clips/finest-colleges Never see your college? Observed a error? Mail us a...

BCU Student Finance Tutorial 2 : Banking & Budgeting

As element of a nationwide marketing campaign conveying the changes to pupil finance in England, Birmingham City University has manufactured a series of movies presenting assistance to learners on preserving money and cuttings costs even though researching at university. Additional : http://www.bcu.ac.uk/news-events/news/nationwide-pupil-finance-working day-2012...

Manual to Clearing 2012 at Staffordshire College

We nevertheless have confined destinations accessible to study a huge assortment of topics commencing in September. To communicate to a subject professional, simply call our Enquiries Staff on 0800 590 830. To discover out much more stop by http://www.staffs.ac.united kingdom/destinations...

INFORMUCATE College Guideline – University OF KANSAS

http://www.informucate.com/rapid-point-videos/most effective-colleges Informucate faculty guides give you the rapid facts on hundreds of the most effective colleges in the United States and abroad. Click listed here to find the appropriate university for you: http://www.informucate.com/rapid-point-videos/most effective-colleges Never see your university? Discovered a error? Send us a information...

Brunel University – IPLC English@Brunel Guideline

A limited video clip from staff and learners about the English@Brunel courses at Brunel University. English@Brunel provides Standard and Educational English for learners who just want English only or for learners progressing on to Educational courses setting up in September or January....

Town of Sunderland university student amusement and nightlife guide

http://www.sunderland.ac.united kingdom/whychoosesunderland/ College of Sunderland university student Alex displays us the sights of the Town of Sunderland. From a chilled-out cafe to substantial stadium gigs, the city has a excellent offer to provide. See the other movies listed here: Athletics activities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW5dlkl5wV8 Out and about in the city...

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Bangor University the Greatest Guidebook for Bangor Pupils

http://www.studyatbangor.co.uk -Greatest Guidebook to Bangor University. Great for men and women wanting to examine in Bangor and exiting Bangor Pupils. What is university existence like? The place should I continue to be in Bangor? What is the college student nightlife like in Bangor?...

INFORMUCATE School Guidebook – YESHIVA University

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