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BKMIBA Promotional Video

B. K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration - BKMIBA was set up in 1999 as a self-financed Institute offering a 3 year B.B.A. programme. As a member of the H.L. Group of Educational Institutes, BKMIBA shares the H.L. legacy in terms of quality of education,...

Jeanne Gang, "Material World", Lecture 3 of 3, 04.24.18

The 2018 Berlin Family Lectures with Jeanne Gang "Mining the City" Lecture three: "Mutualism in the Anthropocene" April 24, 2018 In the final lecture of the 2018 Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin Family Lecture Series, acclaimed architect and urban visionary Jeanne Gang conceptualizes the future of architecture in...

The 2008 Financial Crisis: Crash Course Economics #12

Today on Crash Course Economics, Adriene and Jacob talk about the 2008 financial crisis and the US Goverment's response to the troubles. So, all this starts with home mortgages, and the use of mortgages as an investment instrument. For years, it seemed like the US...

Why Should I Do a PhD?

If you have ever thought about doing a PhD, but you’re not quite sure, this video is for you. Professor James Arvanitakis, Dean of Graduate Studies at Western Sydney University talks about some of the reasons you should do a PhD… and then some of...


Cardiff 6th Form College is notorious for its regular top ranks in school guides and league tables. It is also known for its students' acceptance into top world universities in the UK and around the world. This webinar is delivered by the Cardiff 6th Form...

[TOP 10] University Rankings in Malaysia 2019 (Based on QS World University Rankings)

[TOP 10] University Rankings in Malaysia 2019 (Based on QS World University Rankings) The ranking is based on QS World University Rankings 2019. As we can see, Malaysia Universities have been doing a great job improving their standards throughout these years. Reference: https://www.studymalaysia.com/education/top-stories/qs-world-university-rankings-2019 If you find this...

Top 10 Distance Education Universities in India for MBA/PGDM| Best Distance learning university 4 PG

Top 10 Distance Education Universities in India for MBA/PGDM| Best Distance learning university for PGDM / MBA. Best Distance learning institute in India for MBA/PGDM. ODL/DISTANCE Learning University in India ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to create tracking parameters in Facebook Ads with Camapgin url bulider " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGRVnWGAI48 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...

Should I Study at University or Learn a Trade?

A question that is bugging many young people of late is: Should I go to university, or learn a trade? The short answer: It depends. I’ll tell you my personal situation. I studied at uni and got a degree in physics, but I couldn't find a...

What university course to select & DubJobs course league table

https://www.dubjobs.com/courses-league-table/ We will start adding additional countries to the table if the feedback is positive. Please like this video to let us know if the concept is useful. The table ranks courses based on their cost relative to the disposal income you can expect to earn...

Should I Go to University/College if Not Sure What to Study

Going to University/College can be beneficial but should you do it if not sure what to study? Not everything can be learned at college but universities create environment that can be very healthy for getting the desired knowledge. We asked few people that question....

Should You School: McMaster University

In this episode, we discuss this great university located in Hamilton, Ontario. We discuss the weather, tuition fees, and other details. We literally have a playlist of universities in Canada to help you decide on which one to attend. Instagram: @projectile_md Twitter: @projectilemd Would you go to this school...

Is Distance MBA worth it? [Hindi]

Distance MBA looks pretty attractive with flexible schedule and low fees. But where do these courses stand when compared to regular MBA courses? Are they worth your time? Which are the good colleges which offer Distance MBA course in India? Know answer to all these...