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TIA'18: History, Storytelling, and Making The Past Present

The Theories in Action Conference is a unique and cross-disciplinary learning experience to gather graduating seniors together to showcase culminating experiences. It's a time for senior presenters to reflect upon, share with, and connect to members of the Brown community, greater Providence community, families, and...

Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts

Lecturer Kristi Straus from UW Environmental Studies gives us an inside look at her class, Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts (ENV 239). If you’re looking for an awesome course to round out your fall schedule, this might be it. Check out more amazing UW Environment...

Postgraduate study in security and intelligence webinar – June 2017

In this webinar, Dr Julian Droogan, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Security Studies and Criminology introduces Macquarie’s suite of postgraduate programs, explaining how they enable you to succeed in a career addressing tomorrow’s security challenges in the online and offline worlds, at local, regional...

Should I Quit University?

This presentation outlines the value of a University/College education as well as ways to overcome obstacles that are often encountered. Students should bear in mind that admittance to an institution of higher learning means they very likely have the intellectual capacity to succeed. HOW...

Margaret Wu – Student Assessment Data for Accountability

Margaret Wu is a Professor at Victoria University in Melbourne with a background in educational measurement and statistics. Her concern about the misuse of Australian students' NAPLAN test results and the MySchool website has led to her advocacy for better public understanding of what national...

University of Southampton Malaysia Campus Engineering

ABOUT UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON - Ranked in Top 1% Worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2018) - Top 20 universities targetted by top Employers (The Guardian University Guide, 2017) - Global Engineering Education. Spend 2 yrs in Malaysia and 2 yrs in the UK - Save 50%...

Unseen Connections: A Natural History of Cell Phones

Speaker: Joshua A. Bell, Curator of Globalization, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Cell phones are among people’s most prized possessions. They play an important role in daily life, facilitating everything from communications with others to the recording of social experiences...

19. Quantum Mechanics I: The key experiments and wave-particle duality

For more information about Professor Shankar's book based on the lectures from this course, Fundamentals of Physics: Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamics, visit http://bit.ly/1jFIqNu. Fundamentals of Physics, II (PHYS 201) The double slit experiment, which implies the end of Newtonian Mechanics is described. The de Broglie relation between wavelength and momentum...

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