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01 Mar Discover the Culture and Landmarks in Leuven

The capital province of Belgium, Leuven is known for its cultural and heritage sites as well as traditional landmarks. The university town attracts tourists through its vast historical cultures and thus acts as a destination spot for millions of nerds and tourists who show keen interest in exploring various traditions and heritages. The city is a stock of variations in benchmarks and monuments thereby being an exquisite site for exploring traditions of past centuries.

Traditional Gothic Landmarks

Be it the Catholic University situated in the heart of Leuven or the St. Peter’s Church in the center of the Grote market, both of them dazzle the tourist by their gothic appearances. The Catholic University has been one of the famous exploration sites due to its gothic ground floor and architecture of buildings. The building consists of a range of diverse communities with distinct interests, nationalities and thoughts. The university building is situated in the middle of the city and can be reached easily by various buses or taxis. Another landmark is the St. Peter’s church known for its cultural paintings and is one of the famous heritage sites of the world developed by UNESCO. You can reach there by getting into the center of the very famous Grote market.

Amazing Historical Museums

The city has got a range of historical museums depending upon your choice of interest. If you need to explore the beautiful paintings of Spoelberch’s lives then you can visit the Spoelberch museum which is bestowed to the University for Exhibitions. The museum can be visited on only second Saturday between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. It has got a variety of chinaware, silverware and a stock of paintings. Another famous museum is the Museum M situated in the middle of the city. It is an integration of all the existing historical buildings of the city in a contemporary way displaying various artifacts, paintings, documents and costumes. The gothic sculptures are also a part of museum’s glory and culture. Another historical museum is the National Scouts Museum situated at Halfmaartstraat 3000 Leuven and is known for the remarkable collection related to the history of scouts in the city.

Some Eye Catching Vantage Points

The Grand Beguinage situated in the south of the downtown Leuven is made as a town known for its historical stories associated with it. More than 300 semi-religious and unmarried women used to live there with immense dedication towards god. Later, the place was owned by the University to settle its students and to develop lecture halls. The Grand Beguinage too is a world heritage site owned by UNESCO. The Botanical Garden of Leuven situated at Kruidtuin Stad is also a treat to the eyes. It is known by the instances of greenery and is one of the beautiful spots of the city. Last but not the least is the City Hall named as Stadhius which is situated in the Grote Market of Leuven and is known for its Mixture of Flemish and Italian styles of architectures in the buildings. Its entry is open for all days of the week except Thursday from 2p.m. to 3 p.m. for guided tours.

The venue of Leuven consists of a variety of eye catching historical monuments and landmarks. Some of the most prominent cultural heritages could be explored in this city. So, the tourists craving to adore the various benchmarks can visit the city and they would be appeased by the benign presence of various instances.

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