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11 Jun FAQ on Money and Relationship

FAQ on Cash and Relationship

This article will supply you frequent asked concerns on funds and the relationship. You would know how to deal with and solve the troubles concerning to these headache ones.



Q: I adore my boyfriend and he is usually a good companion. He is an easygoing man in my eyes, while you may consider him as a lazy man. But I truly admire his easygoing. What tends to make I feel uncomfortable is about our finance, I imply, when it comes to our finance, it seems that he is lacking of boldness.

  Most of our revenue is earned by me. And he often thinks that income is “our” earnings we should share it and on the significant obtain we need to ask each and every other for approval. I do not believe it is affordable. To be sincere, I think it is unfair for this kind of sharing is always to giving my income to him. In addition, recently his employers cut his hours for the economic reasons. He says he is hunting for additional function, but I comprehend he doesn’t attempt to greatest to look. He even can’t cover half of his bills.

  As I said prior to, he is a charming partner to me, and I genuinely want to keep with him. But this is truly a problem. I want to uncover out the way to resolve this problem. Ought to I just accept this predicament or need to we separate our finance so that he would realize his income is completely deficient. Am I unreasonable to feel in this way?


A: I am afraid that, in my opinion, you are a tiny bit unreasonable if you truly want this man to be your life-time partner, although he is not the one who can earn sufficient money to meet your expectation. You have to recognize that it is quite widespread for couples to share their incomes when a disparity of their incomes exists. If he only makes 30 % of that you earn, it is unfair for him to pay 50 % of your expenditure. Accept him as he is, or don’t remain with him and find another man who is more suited for you.


Q: My wife and I often go to our preferred bistro to have a drink. It is really acceptable for us to pay the $ 15 corkage charge. Nonetheless, when it comes to checking out, we don’t believe it is needed for us to pay for any corkage charge or any applicable taxes in our tip calculations. These two amounts have practically nothing to do with the server’s performance.


A: The corkage charge will never ever go into the pocket of the server but the bistro. You have utilized the bistro’s glasses, ice buckets, and so on, not to mention the service of the staffs that pour the wine for you and usually preserve an focus on no matter whether you want yet another glass of wine.


Q: Your response to “Kansas Bride”, whose husband is often trying to touch her breast, even in public virtually tends to make me laugh. You said he is a case of hypogenesis in some aspects and he requirements to outgrow it in time.

Well, I am 60 years old, possessing married for far more than 40 years, but I nevertheless like to touch my wife’s breast whether or not in public or at residence. My wife is a nurse, and the guys in the nursing house where she works also like to touch women inappropriately.

Sorry to say that, but in my eyes, he is not going to outgrow it.


A: Thanks. A mature man must be able to handle his own actions, so that he won’t touch his wife inappropriately in public. What we imply is that a man’s sexual conception is not as important as what he does about it. No matter what he is considering in his thoughts, we hope he can find out about how to treat his wife with more respect.



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