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11 Apr How to Apply for the Islamic University Of Madinah

To apply for the Islamic University Of Madinah please fill out this form: http://admission.iu.edu.sa/Note.aspx

Application for scholarship enrollment in the bachelor’s degree, for the academic year 2017-2018.

You are not permitted to send the application, without attaching copies of your documents. Where a document is optional, you will automatically be allowed to proceed without submitting it.
Conditions needed from a Scholarship Student.
1. The applicant must be a Muslim male of good conduct.
2. The applicant must pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the university.
3. The applicant must be medically fit.
4. The applicant must pass such tests and interviews as are determined by the relevant authorities.
5. The applicant must possess a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or its equivalent, from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6. The certificate must have been issued by a government school, or a recognized private school.
7. The applicant must be dedicated to full-time study.
8. No more than five years must have passed since being awarded the certificate.
9. The age of the applicant must not exceed twenty five years, upon beginning study.
10. Those who wish to apply to the Faculty of the Holy Qur’aan must have memorized the entire Qur’aan.
11. The applicant must abide by any other conditions defined by the university management.
1. The university does not have any office or agent anywhere around the world who receives applications on behalf of the university, and the university does not require any form of payment to apply.
2. The applicant must initiate the application process himself, and take responsibility for the reference given to him when completing the application.
3. The Islamic University is an academic & cultural institution designed to convey the message of Islam through its preaching, it’s undergraduate & postgraduate tuition, and its academic research; translating and publishing it, as well as taking care of Islamic heritage.
4. The Medium of instruction in the theoritical faculties track in the Islamic University is the Arabic Language while the medium of instruction in the (Preparatory year) and Scientific Faculties track is the English. .
5. Applying for enrolment at the university does not imply any commitment on behalf of the university to accept the applicant, until he is notified by the university through receipt of the letter of acceptance.
6. The information submitted by the applicant will not be considered accurate, until proven by attaching supporting documents.
7. Applicants submitting forged documents will be subject to penalties, and their admission will be revoked.
8. The university will determine the capabilities and the appropriate institution of study for those students who are admitted, according to university policy.
9. The accepted student will receive his ticket number from the university website, after which he should consult his local airline office.
10. The accepted student is responsible for being aware of the rules & regulations of the university.
11. All pledges, notices, and warnings, sent electronically to the applicant’s online account should be honored like any other documents; the applicant is responsible for periodic revision of these electronic notices, through the use of his personal username & password. He is also responsible for any electronic transmissions made from his username.
12. All of the pledges, notices, and conditions that have been viewed by the applicant in the process of completing the application form (such as the instructions which the applicant is currently viewing), will be automatically attached to his final submission, in the Arabic language rather than applicant’s own language, and he will be required to abide by them.

How to Apply for the Islamic University Of Madinah.

Video interview with an actual student in Madinah giving us the proper steps of applying to Madinah Islamic University.

Rayan Fawzi Arab

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