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02 Dec How to Find a UK Uni – The 7 Most Popular Questions

Whenever we provide information and help to students looking for a uni in the UK we are often met with the same questions coming back to us, so we thought why not write a blog providing students with honest and accurate information about finding unis. So, here is a run-down of the top 7 questions we get asked and the most common answers we have given.

Where can I find a UK uni map?

There are lots of resources available online to show the full set of UK Uni’s in a map view, this is particularly useful if you are thinking of going to a certain city, or need to be near home, or want an urban/rural uni setting. This is a good place to start.

Can you help me find a uni in the UK?

We certainly can. In fact there are so many places you can go to look online to find a uni in the UK, whether you are coming from here or overseas. A good place to start is contacting UCAS, or the uni themselves, or even attending the uni fairs which are held overseas from time to time.

How do I find a uni course to suit me?

It is impossible to say what the right course is for a person to study, as everyone goes to uni for different reasons. Always remember two things when picking a uni course – first, you need to enjoy it and have the mental capacity to study it, and second, you will need to make a decision toward the end of it on your future after uni, so remember to factor these into your choice.

How do I find a uni course based on my a levels?

The only way you can find out what A-levels you will need or what universities will expect from you is to either contact the uni themselves or contact UCAS who can provide a list of courses and their entrance criteria. From here you can make you’re a-Level choices, or if you are already studying for your A-Levels, you can choose the appropriate course.

How do I find a uni course for that is right for me?

Well just as no 2 uni courses are the same, no two universities are the same, so it is often as important to pick the right uni as it is to pick the right course. There are thousands of courses, and modules within courses for you to study, so it is always best to have a good shortlist of universities, and a good shortlist of uni courses, and try to use both lists to choose a course.

What international qualifications do I need to find a uni course in the UK?

This will wholly depend on the uni you are choosing to study at and the course you are looking to do, so the best place to begin is by choosing a few courses and cities and contacting the uni’s directly, or failing that, go to their open days or uni fairs overseas and speak to them directly.

I need to find a uni degree but don’t know what I want to do at the end of it

Well here is the truth – not many people do! Of all the people we speak to about going to uni, not many actually know what their end game is. For some it is simple, they study medicine or law and know their path. For others studying less vocational courses (history and economics spring to mind) the options are great but so too are the choices they need to make down the line. The best advice is not to get too concerned about this at this stage.

There are hundreds of questions we get asked about uni’s and uni life but for everyone the experience is different. Always look for a uni in a town or city you think you will enjoy living in, and a uni course you think you will be good at and enjoy.

Dan McVerry

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