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01 May How To Get A Summer Undergraduate Research Internship – What To Do If You Don't Get One

General Channel Description: Welcome to MDPhDandMe! My name is Chelsea Nnebe, I am a URM student at Stanford’s MD/PhD program, and I want to take you on a journey with me as I train to become a physician scientist. This platform is meant to be interactive. I want to hear from you! Whether you’re a pre-med, a high schooler, an MD/PhD student, a full-fledged physician-scientist, or just a curious on-looker, I want to know what you all think. Feel free to like my videos, leave a comment, give me (constructive) feedback, and tweet me your questions if you have any. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • DaKuawnDoesScience
    Posted at 07:41h, 01 May

    I mostly agree with everything that Chelsea says in this video. But one thing that I did that made me a bit more unique is that I started with a sustained research experience right off the bat. Since I knew I wouldn't be as competitive for many internships from my freshman year, I just chose to shadow in different labs and then committed to a lab at the end of my freshman year and continued doing research at that lab for the remainder of my undergraduate career. If the lab is big enough, your lab can provide a small supplement almost like a stipend as if you went to an internship. I actually only did one away summer internship. I think my sustained research allowed me to understand my research much deeper than any other applicants that I interviewed with simply because I spent more time on my projects and I go to carry them from the thought to the paper. I think as an MD/PhD that ability to do sustained research, problem solve, and show commitment to one thing is a strong indicator to programs that you are serious about research and do not mind making a multi-year commitment to a single goal (which is very important considering we are committing nearly an entire decade to more schooling). I advocate for more sustained research experiences if you can find it at your institution or can go back to the same summer lab at least twice and continue on roughly the same project.

  • Classy Liberal
    Posted at 07:41h, 01 May

    Yes, I agree with what this video says. Don't worry if you get rejected because I'm currently in that position where I applied my places and I got rejections from most of them and one acceptance but I'm still waiting for other places. One thing you should mention in this video is that if you do not get any internships you should take some classes. Either classes that are for your major (graduation reqs) or pre-med/pre-research reqs that you need. Summer classes make sure you graduate on time if that's important to you. I would argue that freshmen should take summer classes so they can advance on their studies also since most summer research internships are not for freshmen. Furthermore, people shouldn't make excuses for not doing anything in the summer. Talk to an advisor or professor. Check other local colleges or universities. Even if you are a community college student the opportunities are there for you. I know because I was a community college student at one point. Nevertheless, great video. Great channel. I love the fact that you are an M.D. Ph.D. focused channel because that is the same career I am interested in.

  • Kirill Myachin
    Posted at 07:41h, 01 May

    Thank you for the video, great insight! I started research at my college in my freshman year and have applied to summer programs three years in a row (freshman, sophomore, junior year). First time I only applied to MIT, really wanted to get in but got rejected. Second year I’ve applied to 5 programs, got nothing and was devastated. That is with my 3.9, 2 years of paid research experience and a paper on the way. That summer after my sophomore year when I didn’t get anything my PI, god bless her soul, paid my really good money to work in the summer and we as a Lab went to a 5 day Gordon research conference. This winter I applied to a bunch of tings and got into WashU for the summer which I am super excited about. It’s extremely devastating to get rejections but I think it’s important to stay focused on your goal because in the end of the day it works out one way or another.

  • Rob Carly
    Posted at 07:41h, 01 May

    Great video! Definitely helped me better understand the importance of internships. I have a question: I have heard from other people that if you apply to an internship program, then contact any potential PIs within the program that you may be interested in working with, your chance of getting into that internship program increases. I was wondering what your opinion on that would be? Thank you!