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11 Apr Ipv6 Campus Network Of University Programs And Network Safety Planning – Network Solutions –

Ipv6 Campus Network Of University Applications And Network Security Organizing – Network Options –
At the moment, the university’s campus network primarily based mainly on IPv4 networks, but, in numerous schools there is the campus network IPv4 network IP address shortage, QoS, security and other problems. Meanwhile, the university as a analysis base, and establish IPv6 network to market the college teachers and students on campus on IPv6 Technologies Research and practice, to seize the higher ground of IPv6 technologies also have pressing needs.

Ruijie IPv6 campus university launched Solutions , Stick to to guarantee the correct application of the current IPv4 applications, network with scalability to maximize protection of existing investment and play network options to meet the technological benefits of IPv6 to help IPv4 and IPv6 solutions enterprise exchange, nicely-designed network safety program contemplate IPv6 network user authentication and billing assistance for the principles of network construction, and so on..

IPv6 campus network plan Establish IPv6 campus network need to be regarded the main campus network upgrade to support IPv6 support both organization and use of IPv6/IPv4 Network gear To new campus construction either case, right here are 4 possibilities for reference.

Choice One: tunnel mode, upgrade core to achieve IPv6 access speed
Applicable to: Campus network device does not exist in a massive quantity of IPv4 IPv6 features, or can not upgrade to IPv6, quick networks are upgraded to IPv6 will take longer. IPv4 in order to shield investment is also essential to add the user to use IPv6 solutions, can use this plan.

Network mode: Upgrade focuses on the core layer. The existing IPv4 network without having alteration, boost in the core business of a core of support IPv6 Switch (Ruijie RG-S8600) or replacement of current core switches Ruijie RG-S8600.

Core switch to open dual stack functionality, up to connect IPv6 networks, down to open the ISATAP tunneling capabilities, open IPv6/IPv4 hosts can use ISATAP tunnel straight access the core switch.

The rest of the network devices do not have any adjust, the original IPv4 solutions operating.

Program positive aspects: Only 1 to help IPv6 solutions to increase the core gear, other gear remains the very same, to safeguard the original investment.

Basically open the ISATAP tunneling capabilities can rapidly obtain IPv6 host campus network access. The new IPv6 users can usually Go to IPv6 networks and IPv6 services.

Original IPv4 company does not generate any alter in typical operation. Users can directly access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 services.
Option Two: tunnel mode, upgrade the core and element of the gradual convergence to assistance IPv6

Applicable to: Order to progressively upgrade the current IPv4 network into IPv6 network gear in the original transformation of the core layer, based on the gradual convergence of the three devices for the replacement.

Network mode: Upgrade focused on convergence layer. Transformation of the original basis of the core layer, convergence of three-phase equipment for the replacement, you can layer with each other to replace the original three-switch RG-S5750 or RG-S3760 Dual-stack gear. Convergence in the dual stack

switch and dual-stack core switches may also exist in between the IPv4 network can be achieved making use of IPv6overIPv4 tunnel IPv6 connections. Core and aggregation switches to open dual stack capabilities, while the tunnel, such as manual configuration 6over4 IPv6 tunneling technologies business in the existing IPv4 networks.

The rest of the network devices do not have any change, the original IPv4 services running.

Program rewards: The progressive realization of the transformation of the current IPv4 network, together with the core component of gear replacement, the entire network for the subsequent step to achieve the deployment of IPv6 network basis.

Added collectively and the core may exist in between the IPv4 network, by way of the open tunnel among the aggregation and core technologies, the new IPv6 customers can access IPv6 networks and IPv6 regular organization.

Original IPv4 enterprise does not generate any change in normal operation. Customers can straight access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 solutions.
Alternative Three: dual stack mode, upgrade the core and component of the gradual convergence support IPv6

Applicable to: Part of the new model proposed to re-developing help IPv6 operational core and aggregation layers, IPv4 forwarding solutions through the existing network, IPv6 forwarding organization by the new core. In order to progressively upgrade the existing IPv4 network to IPv6 network, together with the new core to support IPv6, to increase access layer device interfaces connected to the new network.

Network mode: Added help for IPv6, the core layer of the core switch, aggregation or access layer for IPv4 replacement gear can be brought collectively the original 3-layer switch RG-S5750 to replace or RG-S3760’s dual-stack gear, direct connected to the dual stack core, and the deployment of IPv6 routing functions such as OSPFv3, IPv6 static routing. .

New dual stack aggregation / access switches and core switch to open new dual stack functionality. New convergence / access can be directly connected to the dual stack core, open the IPv6 routing, IPv6 to accomplish some function of campus network upgrade.

Current IPv4 services running. Plan advantages: The progressive realization of the transformation of the existing IPv4 network, together with the core element of gear replacement, the entire network for the next step to accomplish the deployment of IPv6 network basis. IPv6 also opens the routing for the future of the entire network upkeep management knowledge accumulated IPv6 routing.

New IPv6 customers can access IPv6 networks and IPv6 typical enterprise.
Original IPv4 organization does not generate any adjust in standard operation. Customers can directly access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 solutions.
Programme 4: New IPv6 Network Applicable to: New IPv6 network, the whole network can be utilized to assistance the deployment of IPv6 equipment.

Network mode: New core layer, convergence layer full dual stack deployment of IPv6 routing, to obtain full network of IPv6.

Portion of the enterprise area can use the second floor to the desktop, access switches can use Fast or Gigabit to the desktop, convergence layer deployment RG-S5750, VRRP functionality to ensure redundancy. RG-S5750 to connect the core layer of RG-S8600 to open IPv4/IPv6 routing.

Component of the area can use Fast / Gigabit to the desktop model of the 3-tier, gateway directly to the deployment of IPv6 dual stack in the access layer switch.

Plan positive aspects:
Access layer and aggregation layer, aggregation layer and core layer on the joint realization of dual-link redundancy, aggregation layer, core layer device to obtain double-node node redundancy. Convergence layer device as a user access point gateway device, the gateway to obtain by running VRRP redundancy. Make sure high reliability of the IPv6 network.

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