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18 Aug Is it Harder to Conceive a Boy Or Girl?

If you’re reading this article, I will assume that you’re wanting to conceive a baby and have a specific gender on your wish list. This article will focus on the variables necessary to conceive a girl or a boy and how to manipulate them using inexpensive, natural methods at home. Although choosing your baby’s sex is possible at an expensive gender selection clinic, my personal experience lies with natural methods.

Differences In The Difficulty Between Conceiving A Boy Or Girl: Statistically speaking, the odds are almost even, giving you an approximate 50/50 chance for either sex, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. Having boys or girls can run in families and there can be a reason for this, which I’ll get to later. However, because of the characteristics of female (X) and male (Y) sperm chromosomes, it can take longer or require more planning to conceive one sex / gender over the other, but it’s never impossible.

Girl (X) Versus Boy (Y) Sperm Chromosome Characteristics: When a couple is trying to conceive, a man’s sperm contains chromosomes that will result in a girl baby (X) or a boy baby (Y). However, there are numerous factors that will influence which chromosome containing sperm will get to the egg and fertilize it first. Boy sperm are faster, but not nearly as hardy as girl sperm. Girl sperm are slower, but can survive for much longer in hostile (acidic) conditions. You can use these factors to your advantage when trying to chose the gender of your baby.

Variables You Can Manipulate To Help You Have A Son Or Daughter: There are really three main variables you can influence / control when trying to conceive a boy or a girl. These are: the time in your ovulation cycle when you attempt to conceive (earlier will favor a girl, as these sperm can survive for longer); the intercourse / sexual positions you use when trying to conceive (closer to the cervix for a boy, further away for a girl); and the vaginal environment / PH that the sperm encounter when attempting to reach the egg (acidic for a girl, alkaline for a boy).

So, Which Sex / Gender Is Hardest To Conceive?: Well, that depends upon the status of the variables mentioned above already in place. If the mom to be is naturally acidic (easy to determine with testing strips) and wants a boy, she’ll first need to alter her PH through specialty douches and / or through the very diligent eating and avoiding specific foods to get in the “boy zone.” Likewise, if she’s naturally alkaline and wants a girl, the same thing is true. This natural inclination to be either acidic or alkaline can be one reason having boys or having girls can run in families. However, this is very possible to rectify so that the cycle stops.

Likewise, if a couple is dead set on a girl, it’s best to try to conceive before you ovulate, which leaves some fertile days on the table until the next month. However, the same is true if you want a boy, as you have to wait longer in the month to begin trying.

As you can see, whether you’re trying to conceive a boy or a girl, all of the variables can be altered to create the scenario that will encourage the daughter or son you want. Depending on your situation, one is not necessarily harder than the other. It just takes a bit of very specific knowledge about your fertility / ovulation cycle and your unique vaginal PH / environment. Once you have this information, with careful planning and by following instructions, your efforts that could last for only months could well be rewarded with the son or daughter who you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Sandy Dean

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