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26 Sep Learn All About Administrative Assistant Jobs

Administrative assistant jobs fall within the largest number of job openings at any given time. These jobs include working in a physical office or telecommuting. Employers like to see that you have some basic training and knowledge of how to use office equipment. You will often times assume the duties of other professional staff members and executives.

The rapid advancements of technology has evolved the role of office professionals, which has led to office automation. This has also made administrative assistants assume the duties of professional office administration. However, your role largely remains the same, where the employer requires you to coordinate and perform administrative tasks: filling, storing, and retrieving information and disseminating the same info. to other staff members.

En employer expects you to run an office smoothly, organize and maintain paper work, schedule projects, do research on projects, and handle guest and travel arrangements for other staff members (when necessary).

Companies and entrepreneurs hire administrative assistants to help in the day-to-day operation of the office. If a company hires you as its executive secretary, you need to provide high-level administrative support to other staff members within the organization. You may perform fewer clerical duties than managerial ones, but your general tasks will include: organizing conference meetings, supervising clerical staff, reviewing incoming memos, reports and submissions. Depending on the field, the employer may have additional job functions.

In this career you must have good communication skills, excellent writing and word processing skills, and the ability to operate most office equipment. You need an in-depth understanding of how to use software like database management systems, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and project management systems.

You can begin as high school graduate; however, acquiring further training will enable you to climb the career ladder. Employers are increasingly seeking administrative assistants who have a college degree with proficiency in office skills.

Apart from medical and legal administrative assistants, the rest earn an average of $29,000 a year. This income largely depends on the industry where you are working and salaries can go as high as $40,000 annually. Legal and medical assistants earn higher incomes, and this requires a clearer understanding of the industries. If you work as a virtual admin assistant, then you may earn more per hour. Employers have different billing systems and payment structures so it depends on the kind of work you do. The hourly rates can range from $25 to $100 per hour depending on the job requirements.

Different organizations that have administrative departments hire administrative assistants–these can include learning institutions, manufacturing companies, hospitals, legal firms, among others.

You can find jobs by registering with recruitment agencies. They will not only inform you when they have job openings related to your qualifications, but they will also give you additional advice on what you need to do to get the job. For instance: how to create a winning resume, how to conduct yourself during the interview, and so on.

An employer will expect you to maintaining and coordinate a link between the executive management and the rest of the office staff virtually via email, telephone, and instant messaging. You will also be required to organize meetings and conferences. Organizing documents such as invoices, data sheets, and reports is also part of your duties. You must be willing to do basic office keeping, maintain a flow of orders for office supplies, and supervising the lower level clerks and assign them work. Another unique characteristic is that an employer might expect you to be confidential on any complaints and problems coming through, while keeping track of customer relations. Other duties may include maintaining a calendar, supporting the staff when required, orienting new staff, and maintaining a leave log for the relevant department.

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