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03 May Looking to Study in the UK?

Britain has for long attracted Indian students to its shore for graduate and post graduate courses. The country has a history dating back centuries and an education system that is and eclectic mix of the oldest and the newest universities of the world. These universities offer the best learning to students in all streams and maintain a very high standard of education ratified by strict authorities. UK colleges are preferred by students over other countries because the cost of studying in UK is lower than US and many other countries. The reason being that UK offers many post graduate courses in one-year term whereas the same courses are covered over a period of two years in other countries thus making it more expensive to study there.

There are more than 50,000 postgraduate courses and research opportunities in UK that one can choose from. The best part about study in UK is that it has the best of tradition and modern elements to offer to students. Also, the courses on offer provide exhaustive exposure to students and provide maximum opportunities for learning. Most degree courses have strong professional foundation and offer training, if required, at the best professional and business organisations. British institutes offer an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment to students wherein close contact between staff and students is facilitated and encouraged to ensure that students get maximum support required.

Indian students, for years, have chosen the United Kingdom as their education destination for decades. There is a large density of Asian and particularly Indian students, in Britain. The high quality of education offered by British institutes is a major puller for Indian students. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in the UK checks on the institutes to ensure that the required quality of education is maintained throughout. Then, there is another system named the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which examines the quality of a university’s teaching. It also analyses and assesses the general facilities offered by the universities to its students. Owing to such strict systems, the quality of education is ensured.

United Kingdom is so popular among international students because it has a multicultural society to boast of. Students of different countries, of different ethnicities, of different religions and faiths can be found in most universities of Britain. Thus, UK has a very open culture and it welcomes students of different backgrounds into its fold. This is a great thing for international students as they get a chance to learn about and mix up with peers from such diverse backgrounds. Also, if you are a religious person, more often than not, you would be able to find a place of worship in vicinity.

Owing to such a huge population of students of different nationalities and backgrounds, Britain now boasts of hundreds of years of experience of providing high-standard, internationally acclaimed, quality education to students. In most universities, there are support networks and proper guidance centers for foreign students. There are also online forums that one can join as a foreign student in Britain. UK universities are very well equipped to take care of and guide international students who come to study here.

While studying in the UK, students can opt for part-time work too. Generally, an international student in Britain is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during course term. Students must check with their university authorities or international advisor or foreign office before taking up work in the UK as laws are stringent and keep changing. So, instead of inadvertently violating any law, students must seek advice of the counselors. However, it is not always easy to find a job so one should not rely on that to fund one’s education. At least expenses for the first year of studying and staying in the UK should be arranged for in advance.

Before you decide to apply for a course in a British university or study abroad, you must plan your finances carefully. Calculate the cost of applying, tuition fee, traveling and then staying in the UK. You could also apply for scholarships if a university offers those. Generally, tests are held to establish the eligibility of a student for the scholarship and they go to very bright students. You could also apply for education loans to fund your education in the UK.

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