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08 Jul Not Everything Is As It Seems

We have experiences in our life for a reason, to help us grow, to help us learn, and to help us share with others. Far too often we take these experiences at face value(and miss the meaning) rather than taking a deeper look to find the meaning for us at that particular moment in our life.

As I grow and change and become more aware of what is happening in the world around me I begin to see the deeper meaning in my experiences. I don’t always see the whole meaning at the time of the experience, but as I go within I can watch the picture grow. There are still times when I miss the whole thing. Sometimes the interactions are more about showing us where we have been, while others offer guidance as to where we are capable of going. We never actually see the full bigger picture of our life, but if we look closely we can get a glimpse of the map.

I had a rather unnerving experience lately that gave me this perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of the map. Two young gentlemen came to my door and wanted to ask a few questions about my business, I gladly invited them in(very trusting). Once inside the one young man started questioning me quite strongly about my practices, comparing such work to witch craft, to being against God. At first I tried to converse with then, to find common ground, but then realized I was in a losing battle. I continued listening and looking for the reason he was here. He was very convinced that his way was the only way and that I should conform. I went within and was assured I was on the right path in life, I could feel the light within me shine.

There was a time in my life, that when I was in a situation such as this, or felt cornered, I would lash out in my defense, or I would turtle and hand over my power. In this experience, I listened, I felt compassion for this young man, and then simply asked them to leave. I felt a very strange energy in the room, and the more he spoke(preached) the more the energy filled the room. I silently called Michael for protection. I had asked them to leave 3 times but once calling Michael, the silent young man took the arm of the leader and said it’s time to go.

I happen to be a very spiritual person, I am not religious, but I believe that what ever works for a person they should certainly follow that belief. I don’t push my beliefs onto anyone, and I certainly don’t like others tying to push theirs on to me, especially in my own home. I also believe that no matter where a person is coming from or who they are there is a message in what they say, or how they act. I try to focus on the message or lesson, rather than the drama of the situation. I am in no way perfect at this, but when I can achieve it I find it very empowering, especially when I can achieve it in the moment.

I do admit, I was frightened when they left. This young man was so adamant that his way was the only way, and all others should follow his way. It actually took me back a few lifetimes where the punishment for doing the work I do was death. His views were scary, although perhaps they work for him, I don’t know. The first few thoughts were of fear, fear of what he was capable of doing to my home, my business, my safety, yes, he really was that convince of his ways. I find this type of thinking very dangerous in so many ways in the world. My second thought, and almost immediately following the fear was that I am not allowing fear to rule my day.

I sat quietly reviewing what had just happened and removing the energy from the room. I knew I had a choice, I could let the fearful thoughts take over, I could hand over my power and change who I am, or I could tune into that quiet voice within and listen. I chose to listen within. What I received was an inner strength, a sense of humor, and a view of how much I had grown and changed. I didn’t and don’t need to change who I am/ what I do to suit anyone. As long as I am following my heart and not doing harm to others I am on the right path.

There is never a need to hand my power to someone else. In fact the many times that I have done this in my life, I have ended up in struggle. I feel safe and strong in who I am, I feel a strong inner peace and guidance. When I look at this particular message and lesson from my heart I am grateful for the experience. Thank you for the messenger. Thank you for finally being able to be me, and be OK with it. My cup really is more than over flowing.

Jenn Prothero

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