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28 Jan Searching for Student Accommodation in the UK

University students are welcomed with open arms when they enter their first year of university. Welcome week or fresher’s week as some universities still call it, is a week long party of free food, free booze, and an unlimited amount of new friends and support from university staff. To top this all off students are provided with a nice warm room to eventually crawl back to in the early hours of the morning.

Student accommodation is something students just do not need to think about when entering university. This is because the vast majority of universities have available rooms in the readies for each and every single new student who enrols on a course.

However, as the first year flies by suddenly students realise they need to start searching for their own place. And if they thought coming to university in the first place tested their independence, this is a whole different ball game. They will be in the big wide world with no student accommodation office to run to when a light bulb blows. They will be dealing with landlords, gas bills, electricity bills, phones bills, Internet fees… the list goes on. If that isn’t enough they need to decide the housemates they choose to spend their remaining years of their student life with.

With all these things to consider, a problem with searching for accommodation and finding a decent place is an extra hassle that could be done without. Far too many students except the first house they see without looking around and seeing the competition. No student should make do with living in a home that is not looked after by the landlord. To do well in their studies, students should have comfortable and peaceful living environments. At least this should be the case in day light hours!

YourStudentHouse, a service that allows students to search for student accommodation in the UK gives students some advice while searching for their next home at Uni.


People you have known for only a few months in Halls may be very different when out of sight of the watchful eye of wardens and security.

Check the accommodation meets your need

Is it near to the city, the campus, local entertainment, and the bus route? Or if you drive, does the property have safe parking. Also check which ‘white’ and electrical goods the property comes with – is there a washing machine, fridge freezer, TV? These items can be very expensive to rent in addition to paying basic house rent.

Make sure the property is well looked after

Make sure the property is well kept. Signs of this are a tidy and clean property without any repair work needed. Many students have problems with landlords repairing any damaged items, if there are damages to the property this is a sign the landlord doesn’t fork out for essential maintenance.


Look for good room sizes, and a decent desk for studying. There’s no need to fork out for furniture and remember all of your belongings can reduce your work and living space dramatically.

Safety Certificates

Ask to see evidence that the property has the appropriate fire safety precautions / gas and electricity certificates. Make sure you are satisfied with the security on the property. If you don’t feel safe, it won’t be fun living there.

Ensure heating is adequate

You may be cheap rent, but if you are paying a fortune for heating it isn’t worth your while. Check the heating prices relate to the size of the house.

Be realistic with your finances

Make sure you really can afford the price being asked. Many rents have increased this year, due to the cost of houses increasing.

Remember the contract is a legal document

Keep in mind the contract is legally binding. Ensure the length of the tenancy and the type (individual or joint) suits you. for more information visit our student accommodation website to read a student tenant guide written for students.

Take your name off bills when vacating

If you put bills in your name, check that your name gets taken off before you leave the property; many students have suffered as a result of not checking this. This could seriously affect your credit rating in the future.

Stay calm!

Don’t worry if you can’t find a place before you leave for summer, there could be properties that are being renovated in spring and start being advertised later. Search for a student house or flat regularly and something is sure to come up!

Steven Bradshaw

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