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20 Aug Snapchat Users Guide for Parent University Members Teaser Video

Learn more: https://smartsocial.com/snapchat-user-guide-parents-parent-university/
Whether you’re a Snapchat expert, or a complete social media novice, this Snapchat User Guide for parents will teach you everything you need to know about Snapchat to keep your family safe. A recent Snapchat update has changed the app considerably, so we created this step-by-step tutorial to teach parents how to navigate the new update.

When parents monitor their student’s Snapchat activity, students tend to keep their content positive. It can be challenging for parents to learn all of the apps that their student is using. However, if a student thinks that their parent doesn’t know how to navigate an app, then that student can hide easily hide their activity. So, it’s important that parents know the basics of Snapchat.

What will parents learn in the Snapchat User Guide?

This Parent University video will give you an overview of the new Snapchat, as of February 2018. Snapchat has a new redesign that kids don’t like very much. In this Snapchat User Guide, Josh take a deep dive with parents to teach them about disappearing content, where to upload Snapchat content, and why the Discover feed is so bad for kids. Josh share tips and tactics parents can use to monitor their student’s Snapchat activity.

If your child doesn’t have Snapchat, this is the perfect video to watch before they gain access to the app. This will teach you, before you open Pandora’s box why it’s important to know what is in there. Snapchat can be very bad for students but in this video Josh will walk you through positive examples of Snapchat activity.

This is just a preview video. Join Parent University to train your whole family: https://smartsocial.com/parent-university/

Read more on our blog: https://smartsocial.com/snapchat-user-guide-parents-parent-university/

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