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11 Dec Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers And External Associates

Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers And External Associates

Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers And External Associates

Prof Joseph Francois. Division of Economics, Johannes Kepler University Linz, and Senior Investigation Fellow, Division of Economics, Strathclyde Enterprise School.
Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers and External Associates : I am professor of economics (with a chair in economic theory) with the Johannes Kepler Universitt Linz. I am also a fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Study (London) and the Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam/Rotterdam), director of the European Trade Study Group and the Institute for International and Development Economics, investigation fellow with the Vienna Institute for International Financial Studies, and a board member of the Global Trade Analysis Project. I serve on the editorial board of the Overview of Improvement Economics, and the Planet Trade Overview. I am also a member of the policy advisory group TradePartnership. Previous specialist incarnations have incorporated professor of economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, study economist for the Planet Trade Organization, and chief of analysis and acting director of economics for the U.S. International Trade Commission. I studied economics at the University of Maryland and the University of Virginia.

Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers and External Associates: My present research interests are somewhat scattered. They include: trade linkages to recession and development globalization and in equality trends: trade in services open economy competitors policy and the regulation of firm behavior monetary market place integration open economy development and development economic integration (like EU enlargement and American hemisphere integration schemes) the multilateral trading program (including Chinas accession) trade and investment policy under imperfect competitors (including the location of industry) uncertainty in computable basic equilibrium the labor marketplace effect of globalization the function of the service sector (finance, margin and intermediate services, and so forth.) in trade and development competitors in the service sectors computational partial and general equilibrium modeling income distribution in basic equilibrium models of trade and competitors and estimation and inference inside nonlinear systems (like large scale, multi-sector general equilibrium econometric models).

Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers and External Associates : Working papers &amp publications
You can discover hyperlinks to most of the papers listed beneath (published and unpublished) on the correct. REPEC has the most total collection of links. If you are searching for a book chapter of anything of the sort, let me know and I will attempt to post it.

Current operating papers: Industry Structure and Market place Access, Francois, J. and I. Wooton, fothcoming inWorld Economy. Solutions Trade and Policy , Francois, J. and B. Hoekman, this version 2009, forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Literature. Trading Profiles and Building Country Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement System, Francois, J., H.Horn and N. Kaunitz, this version 2008. Heterogeneous Firms, the Structure of Industry &amp Trade below Oligopoly, Bekkers, E. and J. Francois, this version 2008. Dynamic Factor Value Equalization and International Convergence, J. Francois and C. Shiells, this version 2008. Equity and International Trade, J. Francois and H. Rojas-Romagosa, 2008. Financial perspectives for Central America after CAFTA, J. Francois, L. Rivera, and H. Rojas-Romagosa, this version 2008. Reassessing the partnership amongst inequality and development, J. Francois &amp H.Rojas-Romagosa, this version 2008. Cross-Border Trade and FDI in Solutions, C. Fillat-Castejon, J. Francois, and J. Woerz, this version 2008. Endogenous Protection in General Equilibrium: estimating political weights in the EU, Francois, J., D. Nelson and A, Balaoing, this version 2008. Institutions, Infrastructure, and Trade, Francois J and M. Manchin, this version 2007.

Strathclyde is a great place to study and take pleasure in life at the exact same time. And this is exactly where you can discover out every thing about us – from how we teach, to what’s on in Glasgow and how to get around. We want to support you make the most of your time right here, so we hope you will come back to these pages to get all the latest news about what’s happening on campus and in and around the city.

Strathclyde University Affiliated Researchers And External Associates

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