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Do Not Just Contemplate Teaching Online

[ad_1] The current state of post-secondary teaching employment on traditional campuses is unreservedly poor as the percentage of adjunct college and university faculty members working in physical college and university classrooms increases at an exponential rate. This should come as no surprise to any college instructor...

The Advantages Of Private Tutoring Sessions

[ad_1] Giving kids the quality education they deserve is without a doubt the highest priority of every good parent. They work hard in order to send their children to the best schools and to provide them with their basic needs. So once they sense that their...

General Practice (GP) Recruitment

[ad_1] These regulatory changes have led many smaller towns and cities in the U.K. to undertake GP recruitment protocols that provide them with the medical help they need immediately, and which potentially lead to long-term relocation of certified medical practitioners to the geographic area.Many cities and...

Time-Starved Kids in a Hustle-Bustle World

[ad_1] Many of us experience the daily pressures of living in a hutsle-bustle world, and know very well the resulting stress. We are great multi-taskers, shifting from one activity and one responsibility to the next - sometimes flawlessly often frantically. As parents, we want our children...

Giordano Epifani: 12th Japanese Speech Contest for University Students

The 12th Japanese Speech Contest for University Students Finals Day Speech Category: Giordano Epifani 4th year at SOAS, University of London International Management (Japan)(year abroad) 日本在留外国人の適応問題:外国人ゲットーから日本人とのコミュニティへ Adaptation problems of foreign expatriates in Japan: from foreigners' ghettos to living in harmony in communities...

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Inconvenient Truth

[ad_1] Entrepreneurship and innovation: The popular beliefEntrepreneurs are widely believed to be the agents behind economic growth and innovation. They are, we are told, the movers and shakers who create new industries, unseat current leaders from their thrones, and open new frontiers for everyone. Popular culture...

Supporting the Academic Experience

Learn how the Advising team within Academic Services provides holistic, developmental academic advising and support for all students. Featuring: Meghan Charbonneau, Senior Academic Advisor, and Valerie Como ’97, Senior Academic Advisor, both of the Office of Academic Services ...

Guide Distance Learning Online Education

[ad_1] Distance learning opportunities used to exist through what was called correspondence courses, which were conducted over the mail, on the radio or on television. Today, the internet is the primary method of presenting educational materials. Online education affords students who little time or...

Leaders Responsible For Managing Learning Conditions

[ad_1] As standards-based reform has directed attention to schools as the unit of organizational accountability with the most influence on teaching and learning, principals have become the education leaders most responsible for managing learning conditions. The movement to reform and improve schools demands that principals be...

Full Ride Scholarships – The Rundown on These

[ad_1] Nowadays, many people have the short term goal to go to college, but many people don't know where to start to be able to afford attending the school of their choice. Grants are a good way to get a part of the way to achieving...

Resources to Improve University-level Teaching

Teaching and learning resources for university faculty members. There are tons of professional resources online to help you improve university-level teaching. I identify several resources in this video and link to them down below. ********************************** Video overview - Chronicle of Higher Education- Covers all aspects of life in...

How To Get Dental School Grants

[ad_1] Dental School GrantsMany children know from a young age what it is that they want to become in life. They are able to choose their profession at an early age if parents are encouraging enough and know how to direct them without pushing them from...

The Heliotrope

[ad_1] Freiburg is a town of 200,000 inhabitants located in beautiful countryside on the edge of the Black Forest in southern Germany.It's university town, an important industrial and commercial centre, and a tourist resort. But today it is best known as the ecological capital of Germany....