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08 Dec Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around the Planet

Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet

1. University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy, Launched in 1088) – The initial college in the feeling of a increased-discovering, diploma-awarding institute, the phrase college owning been coined at its foundation. At top rated of the record of ten oldest universities in the earth which are in ongoing procedure.The Alma Mater Studiorum — University of Bologna is a college situated in Bologna, Italy founded in 1088. As of 2000 the Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around the Planet

University’s motto is Alma mater studiorum (Latin for “nourishing mother of experiments”) The University has about one hundred,000 college students in its 23 educational facilities.
2. University of Paris (Paris, France, Launched in 1150)- It was founded in the mid-12th century, and officially regarded as a college likely involving 1160 and 1170 (or, quite possibly, as early as 1150). Soon after a lot of variations, such as a century of suspension (1793–1896), it ceased to exist as this kind of in 1970 and thirteen autonomous universities (University of Paris I–XIII) ended up developed from it. The college is frequently referred to as the Sorbonne or La Sorbonne right after the collegiate establishment (Collège de Sorbonne) founded about 1257 by Robert de Sorbon
3. University of Oxford (Oxford, England, Launched in 1167)- “Claimed to be the oldest college in the earth, there is no crystal clear date of foundation of Oxford University, but teaching existed at Oxford in some kind in 1096 and formulated fast from 1167, when Henry II banned English college students from attending the University of Paris.” Instructing suspended in 1209 (thanks to town execution of two scholars) and 1355 (thanks to the St. Scholastica riot), but was ongoing throughout the English Civil War (1642–1651) — the University was Royalist.
4. University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England, Launched in 1209)- Launched by scholars leaving Oxford right after a dispute prompted by the execution of two scholars in 1209, and royal charter was granted in 1231. The college will take 1209 as its official anniversary.The University of Cambridge is a public analysis college situated in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is the 2nd-oldest college in the English-speaking earth (right after the University of Oxford), and the seventh-oldest in the earth.

5. University of Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain, Launched in 1218)- The University of Salamanca is a Spanish increased education establishment, situated in the town of Salamanca, west of Madrid, in the autonomous neighborhood of Castilla and León. It was founded in 1134 and presented the Royal charter of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218. It is the oldest founded college in Spain and the third oldest European college in ongoing functions. It was the initial European establishment to acquire the formal title of “University” as this kind of

6. University of Padua (Padua, Italy, Launched in 1222)- Launched by scholars and professors right after leaving Bologna.
The University of Padua (Italian Università degli Studi di Padova, UNIPD) is a leading Italian college situated in the city of Padua, Italy. The University of Padua was founded in 1222 as a school of law and was a person of the most outstanding universities in early contemporary Europe.
seven. University of Naples Federico II (Naples, Italy, Launched in 1224)- Launched by Frederick II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
The University of Naples Federico II is a college situated in Naples, Italy. It was founded in 1224 and is structured into thirteen schools. It is the world’s oldest point out college and a person of the oldest academic institutions in ongoing procedure. The college is named right after its founder Frederick II.
eight. University of Toulouse (Toulouse, France, Launched in 1229)- The Université de Toulouse is a consortium of French universities, grandes écoles and other institutions of increased education and analysis, named right after a person of the earliest universities founded in Europe in 1229, and such as the successor universities to that before college.
nine. University of Siena (Siena, Italy, Launched in 1240)- The University of Siena in Siena, Tuscany is a person of the oldest universities and initial publicly funded universities in Italy. Originally referred to as Studium Senese, the University of Siena was founded in 1240. The University had all over twenty,000 college students in 2006 approximately 50 % of Siena’s total inhabitants of all over fifty four,000. Currently,
10. University of Valladolid (Valladolid, Spain, Launched in 1241)- The University of Valladolid is a public college in the city of Valladolid, province of Valladolid, in the autonomous area of Castile-Leon, Spain. The college presently has 31,780 undergraduate college students and much more than 2,000 teachers.At tenth place amid the oldest universities in the earth,

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Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet
Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet
Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet
Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet

Top 10 Oldest Universities All-around The Planet

  • Ilyes Bali
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    i think the first one al-qarawin university

  • Abdoullah Aboutayeb
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    the first university in the world is al qarawin in Morocco

  • Mehdi Bouch
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    Ez-Zitouna institution in Tunisia is in fact the oldest university in the world founded in 737 C.E followed by the University of al-Qarawiyyin Morocco in 859 C.E and Al azhar university egypt in 970 C.E

    It teaches theology, jurisprudence, history, grammar, science , logic, documentations, cosmology, arithmetic, geometry, minerals, vocational training and medicine .

    Mosque Libraries : An Historical Study. London and New York: Mansell Publishing Limited. p. 98

    Fihris Makhtutat el-Maktaba al- Ahmadiya bi Tunis.  p. 8–9

    "Ez-Zituna". In J.L. Esposito. The Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Modern Islamic World 4. Oxford University Press. p. 374

  • shankar reddy
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    once read about nalanda university
    the oldest and meticulously planned, also world class university with a seven (7) floor library, many parks inside, religious centers. which once drew students from all over the world.
    but it is no more, we lost the legacy for the brutality, we lost the ancient manuscripts which may have put the world at least for 100 years ahead.
    100 years?? Does it sound rediculous. But imagine a university with 7 floor library, 2000 faculty, more than 10000 students and it also had the entrance test with personal interview round to get the seat.
    why reading all this, read about the university you will definitely think my worlds are not enough.

  • WildWolf TN
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    the oldest university in the world is Ezzitouna in Tunisia 737 C.E

  • The Radon
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    First university in the world is india 

  • Malcom Diene
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    first one it was in Timbuktu in West Africa

  • Zine Mégathérium
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    Where is the moroccan university al-qarawiyine (#1) , al azhar in egypt (#2) and nizzamya in Iran (#3) .

  • ‫عادل زنفر‬‎
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    First one was in morocco.

  • Shy Violet
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

     University of Al Qarawiyyin in Morocco By Fatima is the oldest University.
    However, they PURPOSELY didn't mention it. 

  • Sanjid Khan
    Posted at 13:22h, 08 December

    The creator of this video must be ignorant. The University of Al-Karouine is the oldest of all universities.