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11 Jun University Admission Test

University Admission Test

Reliability can be defined as the consistency of a test. This signifies that a test will produce same anticipated results when administered from time to time.  A test that has very good reliability is likely to shows the same benefits for the same individual when it is repeated from time to time. It will show same outcomes if the person completes the test with diverse testers every single and every single time (Smith, 2005).  This is what is referred to as inter-rater reliability. This is critical component of any test simply because a test isn’t of significantly use if the outcomes appear drastically distinct from the other each time the test is taken.

There are various techniques that can be employed to tests the reliability of a given test.  Of all these techniques,  the most impact approaches in the offered scenario would be to do a pilot testing of the test to be administered  where  some people come in a take the test two instances, probable separated by few weeks  ahead of administration of the test to the second group.  Following the test has been administered, then it is essential to look at the overall performance on the two times the test has been administered to appear if benefits obtained form Time 1 correlates with these obtained from Time 2.  This will probable make far more sense than evaluating the inter-rater reliability since an admission test is most most likely to be produced of a number of alternatives, which signifies that tester’s judgment would come out to be a fantastic concerns in this case.

Making certain the reliability of the test would be really important due to the fact the test has to give consistent outcomes now and then. University admission is pegged on individual student functionality, which indicates that a dependable test would be most essential to ensure the university admits students who meet the laid down qualification.  This implies that for such test, reliability would not be an issue to discuss but rather a mandatory requirement by University staff.

On the other hand, the validity of a test can defined in terms of usefulness of the tests.  It refers to whether the test in fact tests what is meant to test. In this case, the tester would almost certainly want to know whether performance on the test will correlate with the previous and future academic functionality (Maher &amp Gottesman, 2005). This is not attainable without having ensuring that the test measures what it is supposed to measure and that is the academic functionality of the student. This is a crucial element of the test simply because there is not need for designing a test in order to test anything if the test does not in fact tap into that skill.

There are diverse methods that can be used in testing the validity of a test.  To measure validity of the test, there should be a created way to test the result of the test and benchmark them against the outcome of other tests that had been completed prior to. This signifies that evaluation of validity of test would rest on the final results of the test since usefulness of the final results can be assess when they have been obtained.  The ideal way to test validity of the test would consequently be via comparing performance on the test to other measures of functionality that can be accessed.  This could be identified by looking whether or not the efficiency of the student in the test correlates with their higher college grades assuming that the validity of high college test is not questionable.  If this is located questionable, then one can wait for a period of 4 to eight months and then administer the test once again where the main aim would be seeking into no matter whether the test performance correlates with overall performance throughout the 1st term or the first year in university. This indicates that the greatest way to test for the validity of the test would be through benchmarking the results against other final results that had been obtained through a valid and reliable test (Westen &amp Rosenthal, 2005).  Ensuring the validity of the test is critical due to the fact it would develop confidence that the test would only give the university qualified students.

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University Admission Test
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