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16 Jul University of Alberta Scholarships and Grants

In today’s video, we discuss scholarships that the University of Alberta offers for high school, post-secondary and international students!

Link to our online webinar: https://start.grantme.ca/free-scholarship-training-youtube/

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Link to our online webinar: https://start.grantme.ca/free-scholarship-training-youtube

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Links to scholarships mentioned in this video:
Undergraduate Leadership Award:
High school entrance awards:
International Entrance Awards from Specific Countries:

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  • GrantMe Scholarships
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    Thanks for watching everyone! Comment your dream university below and it could be in one of our next videos!

  • Melina Weber
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Also, check out this video about elite scholarship programs:

  • Amir Shaikh
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    please make some videos for post grades

  • Amir Shaikh
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    I like your videoes.i want to do ms in civil-engineering can you help me by making a separate video or just provide a list (scholarship for an international student to study MS in engineering).
    it will be very helpful for my all batchmates.
    I will share that with all of them.

  • Johnnyluv Lee
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    So looks like the UofA reneged on their seeking a meeting with me… now I get a message from the UofA's "Faculty of Native Studies" {OF ALL DEPARTMENTS!!!} to simply file a complaint with the "Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights". so in other words… even the Indigenous >Dept. of the UofA won't do anything about protecting OUR OWN PEOPLE on the grounds of which they operate!!!! SELL-OUT ASSIMILATION SCHOLARS! If these colonial human rights advocacy entities were of any use at all, these problems would not still be happening as they are… even the Parkland Institute is now ignoring me.. What they're probably doing now is talking to lawyers seeing how they can cover their asses rather than trying to fix the problem…
    Now all the University of Alberta FB group pages are blocking me, lol. I need everyone who cares about our people walking freely upon our territories to share my posts to as many UofA group pages as you can about their indifference to our Peoples plight for Indigenous Sovereignty and Dignity, because clearly the UofA and faculty of Native Studies Don't care, they only care about protecting themselves…

    {(Nov. 15) I'm at the UofA helping to set up for the Parkland Institutes conference, Populism and it's Discontents, great right? It was… until as I was just about to look for the washroom I noticed I was being followed by security and he was just about to ask me what I saw in his eyes so I asked him first where the can be… he told me, but also just as fast he asked me to identify myself…. 😮
    Ya that's right! I asked him if he asked any of other half dozen volunteers walking all about in the halls to identify themselves but then just kept walking as he insisted I identify myself and then got on his radio. I knew what was coming and I just got so insensed I couldn't stay.

    I get out the building and around the corner when then I got harrassed by another guard and piglet…. got threatened to be charged with trespassing cuz I wouldn't leave seeing as I was stopped from leaving by the very same bacon who wanted my bits. this ociffer then escorts me to the LRT all up in my space like I pissed in it's trough or somin'.
    Fuzzerelli then follows me right in the station and stood over me as I sat at a bench, continuing the harrassment even after I told him I wouldn't answer any of his questions. making comments like "What, can't ya talk?"… then either "not so smart are ya." or " ya think yur smart do ya?" { I was trying to tune him out} and one more comment for sure… keeping it up right up to the point I finally pulled out my phone…. nice… and now if I ever step foot on Uof A grounds I'm gonna be arrested…. nice, lol. oh well… frack the racist UofA, same with Grant McEwan college, they're just as bad. I always have problems in these places as those of you whose been around me long enough know…I suppose now just because some "youngster", must be a white boy, shoots up a school in the states it's open season on us Indians again up here in Canupchuk 🤬}

  • Andric Kim
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    Great video, but seems like the thumbnail is misleading, shouldn't it be U of Alberta scholarships & Grants?

  • Emma Partridge
    Posted at 04:17h, 16 July

    Will you be doing any videos for people going to moving beyond undergrad and going to grad school in Canada?