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12 Oct University Student to New Classroom Teacher

Because new teachers experience overwhelming stress when they enter the profession, with paper work, classroom management and inexperience, it is essential that there is a means or a way for new teachers to transition from student to teacher. This is a way that can help new teachers become experienced teachers with less stress.

Teacher Liaison

The new teacher needs a liaison. This would come in the form of a well-qualified mentor. A well-qualified mentor is someone who is well trained in helping new teachers transition into teaching professionals. The mentor needs to be someone who can set up a good rapport with the incoming teacher. The mentor also needs to be someone who is readily available and respects the new teachers’ ideas and opinions. Sometimes a mentor really doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with a new teacher. They are usually really good teachers so they have a lot going on all ready. With that said the mentor’s only job should be to mentor. This would make the mentor more available to the new teacher.

Mentor Training

Research says new teachers are frustrated and overwhelmed. Thus training for the mentor will help new teachers feel more supported and respected. To have a well-qualified mentor we need to address mentor training. The state of South Carolina’s mentoring program, which is called CIERRA, is based on a nationally recognized model. There is initial, advanced and continuous professional development for all mentors as funds become available. The roles and responsibilities of mentors in South Carolina today are as follows-

(a) hold a valid south Carolina professional teaching certificate,

(b) have a minimum of on year’s successful teaching experience in South Carolina at the continuing level,

(c) have expressed an interest in becoming a mentor,

(d) be recommended by a building level administrator,

(e) be recommended by a teacher in the district,

(f) have demonstrated proficiency in using computer technology,

(g) be a current practitioner or have been employed in a South Carolina public school system within the past five years, and

(h) successfully complete all required mentor training and activities.

New Teacher Training

Local schools should partner with local universities in addressing the new teacher’s needs. One new teacher I interviewed stated that she felt like she did not get adequate real life training to prepare her for the classroom. This made her feel very uncomfortable. New teachers entering the teaching profession should have more experience in the classroom before entering the classroom as a professional.

Setting up a forum for new teachers

A lot of new teachers come from different states. They get hired in position in a place that is unfamiliar. The unwritten rules are usually the biggest struggle. They have no idea of who is out there to help them. There should be a website where new teachers can contact other new teachers by email or by phone. I spoke to a first year P.E. teacher. Her mentor was a third grade teacher. This third grade teacher was an outstanding teacher, but not a P.E. teacher. It amazed me because this new teacher blamed herself that she didn’t research to find a P.E. teacher in the district to help her. She was from a different state and didn’t know the district well. Setting up a forum so new teachers do not have to feel isolated and responsible for their own training would help answer some of those unwritten rules. The pressures of being a new teacher are enough. A forum is a great way to allow an outlet for new teachers to communicate with other new teachers, share ideas, and just generally vent in a private atmosphere.

Teachers, especially new teachers need to have less stress in their lives. These are just a few ways that are already in place or could be set in place to help new teachers transition comfortably into the classroom. After all, teachers touch every life. New teachers to should visit http://wd7756.myadpost.com/ click on how to work smarter and not harder.

Dana Willingham

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