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14 Sep Value of Audio – Visual in teaching Methodology

Value of audio – visible aids in teaching methodology.

                                           Prof. Vinayak Gopal patil                                                              

Introduction:  The audio visible aids instructional finding out sources or tutorial or instructional Medias.  These all the terms intended the similar detail. 

Heritage of Audio –  Visual Aids : A Dutch Humanist theologist & writer desretrious Erasmus (1466-1536) disclosed memorization as a method of finding out and advocated that the little ones should really find out by the aids of pics or other visuals. When John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) geared up a guide known as Orbis Sensilium Pictus (the term of perception objects) which contained around about 150 pics on features of just about every day lifetime.  This is the is viewed as as a illustrated guide for the little ones training. The phrase visible training was use by Nelson Greence in 1926.  Aric identified 4 revolutions in training :

1. Education from residence to faculty.

two. Published term as a resource of training.

3. Creation of printing & use of textbooks

4. Use of digital media i.e Radio, T.V, tape reorder & Computer in training.

Capabilities of superior Teaching Aids.

  1. They should really significant & purposeful.
  2. They should really be exact in all respects.
  3. They should really be simple.
  4. They should really be low cost.
  5. As much as they should really be update.
  6. They should really motivate the learner as very well as to the instructor also.

Rules of Audio Visual Aids For efficient teaching to consider place a a superior strategy must be adopted by the instructor .  The instructor is normally free of charge to select efficient audio visible aids in the class place. Of courses there are also certain rules of Audio – Visual Aids in teaching methodology.  They are as follows:

  1. Basic principle of Selection : 1. The age degree two. Other temperament angles.3. They should really have certain instructional values 4. They should really assist in the realization of finding out wanted targets.
  2. Basic principle of Preparing : 1. As much as feasible, the area substance should really be utilized in the planning of aids. two. The instructor also must obtain instruction in the planning of aids. 3. The instructor him/herself can prepare some aids or can consider assist of college students also.
  3. Basic principle of Physical Manage : This is concerned with  the arrangement of preserving aids safely and securely and also to facilitate to their lending to the teachers for se.
  4. Basic principle of Suitable Presentation : 1. Teacher should really carefully visualize the use of teaching aids just before their genuine presentation.two. They should really be very well acquainted on their own with the use & manipulation of the aids to be demonstrated in the class place. 3. The aids should really be exhibited adequately. So that, all the college students can see it, observe it, and can derive maximum gains from it.
  5. Basic principle of Response : This is the vital principle.  This tells the instructor guide the college students to react actively to the audio visible stimulus so that they derive the maximum gains in finding out.
  6. Basic principle of Evaluation : This Basic principle stipulates that there should really be ongoing evaluation of Audio Visual Aids materials & accompanying techniques in the mild of wanted targets

Audio Visual aids or Units or technical products or technological Medias or finding out products that aids the instructor to explain, set up, co-relate & co-ordinate exact principles, interpretations, appreciation and permit him to make finding out extra concentrate, efficient, intriguing, inspirational, significant, vivid and many others. The Audio –Visual Aids normally aids in competing the triangular system i.e Determination, Clarification, stimulation.  He aims of teaching with technological medias is clearing the channel amongst the learner and the items that value learner. The instructor must “show” as very well as “notify”.  The Audio –Visual Aids offers significant gains in casual finding out, retention and remember, rethinking and reasoning, exercise, interest, imagination, individual advancement & growth. Here are the most vital values of the right use of Audio Visual Aids

1.Greatest Motivator : They are the finest motivator.  The college students performs with extra zeal & interest.

two.Distinct Impression : Distinct picture usually takes place when we, contact, take care of, encounter it.

3. Variety : “mere Chalk & Converse” do not assist.  Audio –Visual Aids presents wide range & offers different applications in ht hand of instructor.

4. Flexibility : When Audio –Visual Aids are used, there is a fantastic scope for little ones to transfer about talk, snicker & remark on.  Below such atmosphere the college students work since they want to work, & not since the instructor needs tem to wotk.

5. Possibilities to Take care of : lots of college students normally get a prospect to take care of the aids.

six. Handy in Attracting the Consideration : Consideration is the correct issue in any system of finding out & teaching Audio – Video clip Aids aids the instructor in providing right environment for capturing as very well as sustaining the focus and interest of the college students in class place.

seven. Price savings in Vitality & Time : Due to efficient implementation of “principle of Presentation”, a superior deal of power & time of each the instructor & college students can be saved.

eight. Realism : The Audio –Visual Aids presents the actual contact to the finding out condition.

9. Encouragement to balanced class place conversation : Audio-visible aids by wide range of stimuli, motivational, provisional of lively participation of college students, a superior encounter normally really encourage balanced class conversation amongst instructor and the learners.

10.Scope of training as a  mass scale : The audio-Visual aids like radio, tape, tv and many others normally performs purpose in spreading mass training.

eleven. Good environment for imaginative discipline : A well balanced, rational, scientific use of Audio – Visual Aids develops , motivate, encounter, attract the focus of the college students and offers a wide range of imaginative shops for the utilization of their large power & keeps them occupied in class place work.  This all round classroom environment will become conductive to imaginative discipline.Grossly, we can say that there are numerous varieties of Audio – Visual Aids i.e conventional as very well as present day aids of audio-visible aids.  But at the similar time it is vital to  consider into a/c that the Audio-Visual Aids do not engage in purpose up to disseminate the data, knowledge, facts, clues but also they influences the mentality, psychology, greedy degree of the college students in the class place. On the other hand they drastically motivate, inspire the teachers to adopt the most up-to-date, imaginative, innovative aids. The scope of audio-visible aids is not only up to procure & make presentation. Of, program it is technically element of teaching.  But other side also it conveys us that it is a resource to know by efficient communication in triangular system i.e Determination, Stimulation, Clarification. Aside from this it is also vital that to feel about difficulties & issues in the use of aids.  There are certain issues like lack of enthusing for the use of teaching aids instructor, non availability of aids in faculty, lack of facilities for the use of aids- energy, place, furnishings and many others, lack of instruction on the element of instructor in the use of aids, costly mother nature of aids, lack of storage facility & non Availability of appropriate teaching aids in the regional languages.




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