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01 Dec What Is Ransomware? A Family Safety Guide Parent University Teaser SmartSocial com

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Most ransomware is disguised as a valid file to be downloaded or opened in an email. So, what is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software that holds your personal digital data for ransom. Those affected by ransomware cannot gain access to their personal data without paying a fine.

What is Ransomware?

–You’re probably thinking… “No one wants to get into my computer, I have nothing to steal, I’m not rich or famous”

–However, you have 100-2,000 friends in your email contacts who might trust you, and ransomware can email them (on your behalf) to infect their computer

–Typically, people whose data has been seized by ransomware are threatened to have their data leaked or are blocked from accessing their data

–Most ransomware is disguised as a valid file to be downloaded or opened in an email

Why should you care?

–Once ransomware has been launched there is little you can do unless you have a backup or security software in place already

–If you pay to get your data back, there is no guarantee that you will gain access to your data

What to do if you become a ransomware victim:

–Do not pay the ransom fine

–If you think you may have ransomware running on your device, disconnect it from the internet immediately to prevent it from spreading

–Try using a decryption tool from Kaspersky Lab and Macafee to recover your data

How to prevent becoming a victim of ransomware

According to Kaspersky Lab and Macafee these are the steps you should take to protect your kids:

—-Backup your computer so that if someone takes your data ransom they can delete it and you still have access to it

—-Keep your software up to date (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS)

—-Use antivirus software

—-Never trust links or downloads from anyone you don’t know

—-Buy an external hard drive and back it up once a month then disconnect it once the backup is complete so ransomware can’t access your data

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