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25 Oct Wisdom Vs Genius – Emotional Intelligent Battle

Is God considered a genius or a wise Superior. If we explore the elements of wisdom and genius we will find that there are no limitation, rules, guidance, structure, blueprint of how to be wise or to become a genius. Understanding, knowledge, information, vision, and brainstorming are the concepts that may be found in a genius. But what is found in wisdom. Can we explore?

Wisdom is words, action words, words that have meaning and life. Faith is believing in something that we cannot see. Wisdom is speaking or knowing something that we really cannot interpret. Confusing right? Check this out. Have you ever really listen to your inner voice or deep thoughts and the answer of what you had concerns about was answered. Or have you ever move over into the next lane without even thinking to move over just in the nick of time to avoid an accident. How about new ideas and innovations? How about new inventions, patterns of art, designs or management process. I believe wisdom lives in us and genius is the introduction of wisdom.

Seeking things that are unknown, our imagination, our vision, our dreams or things that are outside the universe, is that where wisdom resides? Have you ever thought about the Milky Way and other galaxies that are a planetary aligned like ours. What if space itself was a galaxy among billions of galaxies and was align like our planetary alignment. Is that where wisdom dwells, was Albert Einstein a genius because he was really from Planet X. Let us be real, right.

Wisdom and genius are like brothers and sisters. They can get along together or they can become an adversary. What does that means? Bill Gates for an example, Microsoft founder is consider a genius. But how to get that genius ideas to the marketplace is where wisdom comes along. Knowing and understanding your product is intelligent marketing. Knowing and understanding yourself is emotional intelligent. Knowing and understanding spiritual words is spiritual wisdom. The crazy part is that you can come up with a great idea and without knowledge and wisdom that product will never be marketed to the world. So the moral of the whole story is understand yourself, know your product and get information about how to market your product to the world.

Now the motivation part, seek wisdom and understanding and the more you seek the more wisdom and understanding will come to you. It is like practicing, the more you practice the more what you are practicing in becomes natural or close to perfection. Motivation is powerful, because it can guide you in a positive or negative way. What? People can be motivated to do wicked things. They have a mission to destroy or damage anyone personalities or goals. That is only if you give them the key to do that. We own the keys to our heart and mind we are the key holders, and Superior Being who ever you believe in are the key makers. How is the key made is wisdom. What elements is the key made from is wisdom. Genius is using our keys to unlock unlimited resources that are already set in place for us in the world.

So, what about Planet X? Well, Planet X exist in our minds. Some people are weird and do crazy things that normal people would not do, and we say that they are not from this planet. We all have the gift of wisdom within ourselves, yes even the weird folks. How to exercise and expand the wisdom within us is a challenge to some people. Seek wisdom and search for understanding, because the more you know is the more you are secure.

I believe in people, I believe in communications, passion, integrity and respect. My biggest challenge is believing in myself. These words below will help you understand yourself first before you can understand someone else:

I am the Best

I am Successful

I am Strong

I am a Warrior

I am the One

Andre Barnett

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