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23 Jan World of Warcraft Classes

In World of Warcraft (WoW), there are a total of 9 playable classes. You can not freely choose race and class, as it is somewhat limited. Not all races can be combined with all classes. To choose your class will be your most important choice in the game. This is because you define your play style within WoW with your class, whether it is healing and support, dealing much damage, or be the one who takes the damage and controls the monsters. Do not fear; there are a few roads you can walk within each class as well which you can change whenever you want. These “roads” are called talents. With talents, you specialize in a part of your class. For every level you achieve, you gain one talent point which you can spend on whatever talent tree you want. Every class has three talent trees. In other words, you can walk three different roads with your character per class.


A warrior is strongly specialized in fighting with powerful two-handed weapons to deal damage or with a one-handed weapon and a shield to take all the pounding from a monster (called tanking). Very wanted for Arena teams as damage dealer and very wanted for instances and raid dungeons as tank. Warriors have the following talent trees: Arms (Damage), Fury (Damage) and Protection (Tank).


A druid is a hybrid class. The druid is at one with nature, and is able to transform into different animals which have various unique abilities. Hybrid means that the class can perform several tasks, and the forms have a boost each to help them with a specific task. For instance, Bear Form makes them tougher and more resilient allowing them to tank with ease. Druids have the following talent trees: Balance (Spell damage), Feral Combat (Melee damage and tanking) and Restoration (Healing and support).


Priests are magical users able to perform holy and shadowy magic. Their shadow spells are mostly used to cause damage on foes; however there are certain support abilities which are shadow magic. The priest is the main healing class with its manifold of holy support and healing spells. Priests have the following talent trees: Discipline (Survivability), Holy (Healing) and Shadow (Damage).


Paladins are guardians of the holy light. They bolster their allies and themselves with holy auras and blessings to protect and empower them. Paladins are a defensive class designed to outlast their enemies. It is also a hybrid class, capable of healing, dealing decent damage and tanking. Paladins have the following talent trees: Retribution (Damage), Holy (Healing) and Protection (Survivability and Tanking).


A mage is a magical user with frost, fire and arcane spells. They deal massive damage from afar, casting elemental bolts at a single target, or raining destruction down upon their foes in a wide area. Mages are also masters of slowing and temporarily immobilizing the enemy, enabling mages to get away easily. Mages have the following talent trees: Arcane (Burst damage), Fire (High damage) and Frost (Survivability).


Warlocks are masters of demonic power, shadow and flame, plaguing their enemies with curses and diseases. They are also able to summon several demonic pets, each with its speciality. While warlocks deal ranged damage, their pets may attack at melee range and support the warlock and the warlock’s allies. They can also summon other people from anywhere in the world. Warlocks have the following talent trees: Affliction (Curses and debuffs), Demonology (Pet) and Destruction (Direct damage).


Rogues are masters of stealth and assassination, and they’re able to pass by most enemies unseen and attack them from behind. Rogues can also create poisons which they one on their blade to add extra damage or negative effects on the victim. Rogues usually have two quick one-handed weapons dual-wielded, making them valuable for interrupting casters of magic. They are also able to open locked doors and chests. Rogues have the following talent trees: Assassination, Combat and Subtlety.


A shaman is the spiritual leader of their tribe. They are a magic-based semi-hybrid class. They are masters of the Elements, enabling them to place elemental empowered totems which benefit the Shaman’s allies or have a negative effect on enemies. They are good healers and damage dealers. Shamans have the following talent trees: Elemental (Spell damage), Enhancement (Melee damage) and Restoration (Healing).


Hunters are deadly snipers, capable of bringing their enemies down from a long distance with bows or guns. They can track enemies and place traps to damage or entrap their opponent. Hunters also have the ability to tame beasts in the world as pets and train them to become loyal guardians. Hunters have the following talent tress: Beast Mastery (Pet), Marksmanship (High Damage) and Survival (Damage and survivability).

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