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27 Feb You won't get a scholarship at ASU

Just one man’s experience being unable to obtain a scholarship at a major university; despite having a perfect 4.0 GPA… Please share your own experiences in the comments!


“Affirmative action” is a euphemism for discrimination on the basis of non-merit, demographical factors. Without wading into the ideological quagmire of “fairness”, please at least consider the following facts:

* Discrimination foments feelings of resentment in perceived victims.

* Discrimination creates legitimate doubts about the qualifications of perceived beneficiaries. Even legitimate achievements earned by such people are tarnished by the stigma of being glorified participation trophies. This undermines the credibility and competence of the people these programs seek to benefit; the exact opposite of the desired effect.

* Financial aid can be allocated just as easily on the basis of financial need; a much more logical practice.

* A race-blind, gender-blind selection process would completely eliminate discrimination in both directions, thereby achieving instantaneous meritocracy.

* Any program that needs to hide behind a meaningless euphemism probably isn’t morally defensible. Euphemisms obscure and distort the truth of what one is actually doing. Their use is therefore a clear indicator of shame rather than pride. If you cannot even bring yourselves to admit what you are doing, your conscience is telling you something.

  • Dawn Deutsch
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    I am sure after seeing this YouTube link you may understand your situation more. https://youtu.be/DN6XcqN8WeQ

  • Dawn Deutsch
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    My son is in the same position you were. He will be completing his 4th year at ASU. He has had over a 4.0 every semester continuously. As our 3rd child in school, of course, I inquired about scholarships and grants. Bottom line – Only incoming Freshman receive scholarships. ASU Has NO scholarships for students based on merit. or any other academic achievement. They also have fines that they apply to your account for no reason. They change the dates on your payment history so that they can apply these fines. Also per semester, they include additional tuition fees for items that have nothing to do with your education. My favorite fee is a $50 per semester fee charged to non resident students that get applied to scholarships for incoming freshman residents! If money is tight for you – Go to another school.

  • Frank Matthew
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    No way
    Is that real?

  • JodogXCS
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    Hey man sucks hearing your situation but I want to see if I can put in some info. Something I see about the scholarships given at ASU are to brand new freshmen and yes given to more affirmative action. They also are like the giant pot of foreign students who are always intense on getting scholarships. I mean congrats on the 4.0 and all but if I could put one small thing added is that although your work and time have been tremendous it has been over a longer period of time than what I usually see at ASU. Right now I'm going into my senior year of high school and through a few online sites and asu supported parties I have roughly 14k build up from just inputting my grades and extra curricular work. The website sadly does limit to current high school students but what I wanted to pull from that is that it seems like ASU is a very "jump in from the start from high school" school to really get the best opportunities. Personally I love ASU and really with their acceptance rate and bang for buck ,esspecially for undergrads, even with the insane scores that me and my friends get which would stick us into the whole Ivy schools, They just aren't worth the price to the opportunity cost a larger university with a higher chance and spread of networking gives. But that is my opinions from a 16 year old kiddo.

  • Joey Phelan
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    I’m a white male. I received a $15,500 presidential scholarship based on my merit achievements in high school from ASU.

  • ejayerik
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    The truth is painful. A symptom of a larger problem for sure.

  • Dreamhop Music
    Posted at 17:19h, 27 February

    ahah :p