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University of Canberra – MyUC Enrolment Guide

An online tutorial for University of Canberra students enrolling on MyUC. Please contact the UC Student Centre if you experience any difficulty in the MyUC enrolment process. Ph: 1300 301 727 E: Student.Centre@canberra.edu.au ...

Stockholm University Library

Hidden treasures and everyday uses - A reporter guides you on a tour of Stockholm University Library where we meet staff and students in various hidden ...

American Public University Online Course Guides Initiative

The American Public University System Online Library Course Guides Initiativet: A University Alternative to Textbooks: is a project led by APUS's Online Library, collaborating with the university's globally geographically distributed teaching faculty. The project's goal is to create a brief companion website, called...

A Student Guide to University Assessment 01 Introduction

In Europe, young men proceeded to university when they had completed their study of the trivium–the preparatory arts of grammar, rhetoric and dialectic or logic–and the quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. (See Degrees of the University of Oxford for the history of how the...

A Student Guide to University Assessment 01 Introduction

eeds Met student Darcy Amamou gives a short introduction to the Leeds Met publication 'A Student Guide to University Assessment'. The guide was produced for the Leeds Metropolitan University First Level Assessment and Feedback Project, which was jointly funded by the Higher Education Academy. The guide...

ROSA robot guides new epilepsy procedure

The ROSA robot is helping physicians at the University of Alabama at Birmingham detect the source of seizures in patients with epilepsy. ROSA offers patients, and their physicians, a unique advantage over traditional surgical approaches: it can do the job with a lot of little...

Three-minute guide: THE World University Rankings

What every student needs to know about the World University Rankings – a three minute guide. Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, explains the methodology of the rankings in this quick but essential guide. All students and their families should understand...