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Insider’s Guide to UC – University of Canterbury

The orientation programme at the beginning of the year is just the start of learning about university life -- there's a lot happening at UC, and there's a lot to know and learn. The Insider's Guide to UC video provides a great summary of the...

Ramble On: Guide to CSU’s Lory Student Center

The Lory Student Center is a staple at Colorado State University's Fort Collins campus. Join the Ramble On crew and hosts, Jackson Bembry and Marianna Cook, as they walk us through the most popular areas within the LSC. For more videos about CSU, check out Colorado...

Richmond University – A Guide to the Campuses & London

Introduction to the Richmond American International University in Londons campus. View the majestic castle on the top of Richmond hill, see what life in Richmond town is like. Also see the Kensington Campus which enables you to really discover London. ...

Chaminade University Campus Tour

Join student guides for a tour of Chaminade University, including the new Center for Nursing Education, undergraduate Biology and Biochemistry laboratories, ...

University of Melbourne Video Guide

University of Melbourne one of the highest ranking universities in Australia and ranked amongst the top ranked universities in the world. The Melbourne Model introduces an innovative approach to the Australian study experience bringing the to Australia colleges style higher education similar to other leading...

City Site Tour – Nottingham Trent University

This video takes you on a tour of the City campus at Nottingham Trent University. The video guides you around the facilities on offer at the different Schools on the campus; Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Business School, School of Social Sciences and Nottingham Trent School...

The unofficial official guide to the University of York

In this short video, find out all you need to know about how the University works and where you fit in, before you get here as a new undergraduate student. Welcome to York! Illustration and animation: Hugo Brook, Production and narration: Tim Ngwena, ...

University of Birmingham – Unionview.com

www.unionview.com - Visit for more University of Birmingham videos: Introduction, Campus, Studying, Accommodation, Eating, Societies, Studen union, The city, Finances, Summary. Unionview "Independent University Film Guides" ...

University of Manchester – Unionview.com

www.unionview.com - Visit for more University of Manchester videos: Introduction, Campus, Studying, Sleeping, Eating, Societies, Student Union, The City, Cost of living, Summary. Unionview "Independent University Film Guides" ...

The University Clearing guide

Worried about Clearing and not sure what University options you have this year? The UCA Clearing guide will help you understand the Clearing process and ...