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18 May Testimony: Admin Assistant & Executive Secretary Workshop with Harvard University Global System™

Management assistants and professional secretaries are struggling with an ever-increasing workload, in jobs considered among the most difficult, both in the private and public sectors. This unique workshop has been specifically designed for those competent workers to obtain current knowledge and competencies in the practice of this demanding profession. The focus is on practical skills, tools and techniques to improve productivity, build a winning team with management and peers, and maximize value to your organization. The goals are to help you:

Set and negotiate goals and priorities in partnership with your managers;
Organize your day, manage your time (deadlines, e-mail, voice mail, meetings, drop-in visitors, time-wasters);
Validate where your time actually goes based on facts not perceptions
Prevent crises, manage conflicts, difficult people and awkward situations assertively (Roger Fisher’s method)
Make your managers, peers, teammates more effective; improve working relationships; assume more leadership and managerial responsibility;
Clarify your role with peers, multiple managers, demanding clients
Harness untapped opportunities of technology
Practice in a friendly atmosphere, seek guidance from the seminar leader
Make your job more meaningful, build trust, take charge of your growth and career.

Much of your time during this workshop will be invested to deal with back-home problems, opportunities, and skills to deliver top performance and build a winning team. We believe learning occurs most readily when quickly applied to real-life situations you care about. Therefore, we want you to do some thinking before the workshop about two interpersonal situations you have a difficulty with on the job, e.g. negotiating priorities with bosses, cutting off conversations, keeping people from disturbing your managers, delegating work, enforcing deadlines. Who is involved? When does it occur? How do you usually handle the situation?

The workshop leader is also unique. Alain Paul Martin coaches executive secretaries, administrative assistants, managers and executives to turn their potential into a lifelong success.

Taking Charge without the Benefit of Authority
Understanding the importance of your position
How to get constructive power and results without the benefit of authority
How to use other instruments of influence and control
Demonstration and practice
Profession executive assistant: A model of success
Managing your boss; building a winning team

How to Set and validate personal and business Goals, Priorities
How to set and validate priority: in-basket exercise

Personal Organization – Scheduling Your Day
How to assess urgency, set reasonable deadlines, focus on high-return tasks
How to work in an open-office environment
How to make the quiet hour happen

How to Reduce Workload & Work Smarter
8 ways to secure greater control over your agenda
4 bad drivers to watch
High-productivity tools for managers and assistants

Face-to-Face Meetings, Conference Calls
Video: Meetings Bloody Meetings
How to define and communicate the purpose, agenda, setting and communicate the ground rules in advance
Sequencing agenda items: Going beyond priority and urgency to avoid pitfalls
How to run effective meetings, stimulate a dialogue, remain focused, summarize, record progress and conclusions
Follow-up issues: who does what? When?
Who should be informed?
Flawless meetings: Admiral Rickover tips, Harvard tools

How to Improve E-mail & Other Communication Skills
How to prevent verbal and written misunderstandings
Words to avoid; powerful vocabulary to use
How to harness the power of e-mail: 26 practical tips
Professional telephone and voicemail techniques
Reading skills: high-achiever’s practices

How to Control Major Time-Wasters, drop-in visitors, calls and interruptions
How to say “No”

Managing Conflict, Difficult People including bosses
Understanding interpersonal dynamics, mindsets, motives and fears
Managing both aggressive and passive people including bosses and coworkers
From conflict to cooperation: FIRO-B: openness, trust, communication

Tools for Rapid Internet Search to avoid wasting time online; Other Applications for Assistants
Mining the Web: Live demo
How to use the Invisible Web to improve performance

Leadership & Delegation: Preparing for managerial responsibility
How to clarify your role & prevent role conflict
What and how to delegate
Levering each other strentghs: Compatibility for winning teams

Career Excellence: Removing barriers to professional growth
Most valuable leadership knowledge (not necessarily diplomas) and skills for leaders and assistants
Beyond accuracy and speed: Lessons from secretaries
Maximizing opportunity, visibility; turning a job into a career step
How to achieve balance and fully enjoy life
Ongoing improvement: Best sources

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