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14 Oct Top 10 Psychology Colleges Where You Can Pursue Counseling Degree Programs From

Counseling is one of the largest and most sought after specialty area in the field of psychology; it mainly focuses on providing therapeutic treatments to different emotional, vocational, social and health related problems people face. In our societies this area of study is usually preferable among those who are keen in helping others overcome their difficulties through psychological theories.

Counseling is also a major field of study at most accredited psychology colleges in the US. If you have the ambition to become a professional counselor, enrolling into any of the following top psychology colleges can benefit you in acquiring a career oriented degree programs in counseling.

Argosy University

Argosy University offers several counseling programs for people who want to apply their understanding of human behavior in helping others. The university has since long been one of the eminent psychology colleges which focuses on the growth of its students and offers them with accredited counseling degree programs.

Boston University

Boston University provides learners with total understanding of the counseling field and makes it possible for students to explore the different aspects of this program of study. The university also offers advanced researching facilities and help from a world-class faculty making it one of the distinguished psychology colleges in the country.

Walden University

Walden University helps cater you career to the next level with the distance graduate and doctoral programs it offers in counseling psychology. The university is designed for busy and working people and therefore is among the top online psychology colleges present.

University of Arizona

University of Arizona offers students with an opening in general counseling and covers every aspect of this study in detail giving you necessary skills and knowledge which you can use in solving different issues which arise in the lives of people.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Operating as one of the oldest graduate schools in the country The Chicago School of Professional Psychology focuses in offering only psychology related programs. It has several campus locations in the US and also offers online programs for students. The school being one of the accredited psychology colleges offers skilled and professional counseling education to all.

Capella University

The mission of Capella University is to offer higher educational to all those interested in order to increase their potential. The university is among the professional psychology colleges and offers you innovative and responsive counseling programs which are offered at different levels.

University of Florida

The counseling program offered by University of Florida emphasizes on researching new and creative ways through which counseling psychologists can deal with different issues. You can pursue masters and doctoral level degree programs at this university.

Liberty University

Liberty University has a very efficient way of providing higher education to students. The university is known for the affordable and convenient degree programs it offers in counseling. Students can pursue both online and on-campus programs from Liberty University because of which it is one of the popular Christian psychology colleges.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a premier educational institute in phoenix. The university is popular for both its distance and traditional counseling programs and may be the perfect place to begin your venture towards a successful future career.

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University offers you with competitive counseling programs which have their own uniqueness and versatility. Established as one of the estimable psychology colleges this university prepares students for counseling careers which are best suited for them.

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