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21 Aug University of Pavia | FREE EDUCATION | Assured Scholarship | Part-Time Jobs | THE HOPE

The University of Pavia. Advancing Knowledge since 1361 The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions founded in 1361. Pavia has been a city-campus since its foundation and even today it offers its 24,000 students an experience unique in Italy and rare in Europe: studying at 20 University colleges that are largely independent of the administrative structure of the University. The University of Pavia covers all subject areas and is composed of 18 Departments offering study programmes at all levels, from Bachelor’s degrees to Doctorate programmes. Pavia is a small city in northern Italy with 70,000 inhabitants and over 24,000 students. Located only 30 km south of Milan, by regional and suburban trains, every 10 minutes. Pavia is also within easy reach of the Swiss border, Como and the lakes as well as Genoa and the Ligurian coast. Founded in Roman times, it was the capital of the Kingdom of the Lombards for over two centuries and this fascinating legacy of narrow streets, ancient churches, elegant buildings remains intact and alive day and night with students enjoying their favourite meeting points. Cultural life in Pavia is intense with 19 museums and collections (14 within the University), 2 cultural centres, 4 public libraries and 18 university libraries, 4 cinemas and theatres, 10 social-cultural meeting halls, a musical college and 2 civic schools of music and arts. Life in Pavia is both pleasant and affordable, particularly in comparison with much higher housing and living costs in Milan and other urban centres in Lombardy. Pavia’s campus offers a unique university experience to students who can enjoy countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and sports activities, at all levels The college system: unique in Italy Pavia, like Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, has a unique College system in Italy, dating back to the 16th century. Each of Pavia’s 20 colleges, that in total host approximately 2.000 students, has its own particular history and opportunities to offer, including access to many study abroad programmes and sports activities. The Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS) offers extra courses to the best-performing students from our colleges. These advanced-level programmes for high achievers are organised by theme into four different academic areas: Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Science & Technology and Biomedical Sciences. Students who successfully complete their studies at IUSS obtain an additional Diploma, alongside their university degree. College life aims at creating an open community where academic achievements, traditional events, parties and sporting rivalries all play a role. In college students can also build their first professional network. Access to colleges is based on merit criteria and a parental-income based fee system. Today, Pavia can count on 4 merit-based colleges; 12 public colleges; and 4 private colleges. Pavia, the city of sport For Pavia, the title ‘European City of Sport 2014’ serves as the deserved international recognition for our enduring excellence in sport. The University Sports Centre (CUS) promotes sport among students enrolled in the university by offering a wide range of courses and organizing championships and tournaments. With its teams, CUS Pavia participates in national and international competitions such as the World University Games. Specifically, sport in Pavia means:

Olympic and World Championship-level rowing
Pavia-Oxford-Cambridge-Pisa rowing race
University championships in the main team sports
Intercollege tournaments
Sports programmes specifically designed for disabled students
Facilities designed for all students’ physical well-being, integrated with university training.

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